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    Team bot voice commands

    Ok, I found the speech control panel and installed it. I read all that "isn't Microsoft wonderful" voice recognition training stuff into the microphone (huh, microphone, Microsoft -- talk for an hour to each one and my computer still blue-screens 3 times a day -- curious) and finally got the bots in team Instant Action to respond.

    I say, "Foxtrot - Status" in my most manly, '**** Dirty Apes' voice and she tells me where she is and how she's doing. I even discovered a few hidden commands, most importantly, the one that gets George the hell out of my Raptor.

    Ok, now I'd like to take this into the Linux Dedicated server I've had up since Bush lost the election the first time but despite all I do to the UT2004.ini the bots will not respond.

    So far, since registering, I've only answered questions here. I figured I post one this time.

    Anybody know what I'm missing?
    I have AllowCommandQKeys=True and bEnableVoiceChat=True but see nothing else that I think could effect this feature.

    "DELTA - Dance!"

    Comon! No one reply?

    What? Was it the Bush joke? **** it!

    Mother always told me, "Keep politics out of the game. Keep politics [B]out/B] of the game!"


      If you figure this out, let me know.

      I've got a server here at work that a bunch of us play on at lunch. We'd love to be able to tell the bots what to do.




        I can't believe that only two of us in this community have any interest in telling team bots where to go and how to get there.


          Tell me about it!

          It wouldn't be so bad, but it seems my team's bots are mentally challenged!

          How many times have you seen one of your bots driving a tank stuck between a rock and a tree back and forth... back and forth?



            If your wanting to command the box in Multiplay, I don't think you can. Only in Single Player. I may be wrong but I had no success. They resond great for me in single player mode, but not in Multiplay. Unless there is a special voice command "channel" you have to be in or sumthing I wouldn't know. I look forward in the answer to this myself.

            I have noticed tho, on some bots you can simply shoot at them before they get to a vehicle and they will not go in. Also if they've just got in shoot the vehicle. Some bots get out some are stuburn as hell.