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Updates on Security, Master Server, Stats and Email

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    Updates on Security, Master Server, Stats and Email

    UTSecure2K4 1.10 is now available. This version should close all known uscript holes in the game. If anyone out there finds a way to bypass it feel free to email me how. I have also published an update to the master server that should accept UTSecure and Anti-TCC as part of the default packages.

    Click on this download link to download it.

    Work continues on the master server. We are experiencing a rather larger load and we are working to accommodate it. We are trying to keep downtime to a minimum and during slow periods. Also, the cdkey generation system for dedicated servers is still down. Keys are being generated, but until we finish fixing our email system, they just drop in to the void. I'll make a post as soon as it's back up (should be in the next 24 hours).

    However, in order to reduce the load, we have temporarily shut down stats tracking. As soon as we finish this round of changes, it will be enabled. Please bare with us.

    Finally, personal email is back here at Epic, however the mods and server admin mailing lists have not been restored yet. I have no ETA other than as soon as possible.

    !! Again, keep this tread on topic or be removed !!

    I mailed a suspicious looking "optimizer" to you guys. Alot of people used this program. It has since been removed from many sites and the main download site is no longer up. Wondering if you've had a chance to look at it, and is it a CDkey stealer? If so, what can be done to those who used it? I'd say litterally 100's used it.


      I can confirm that this program does in fact access the internet. I still have it on my computer if you need a copy of it to look at it and find out if it is in fact a CD Key stealer.

      I know a lot of people used it. There was a post about it on the TeamWarfare forums linking to a site that had it linked in their files section, which has now been taken down.


        Here is another warning: there is a file thats called UT2004-TTM-v1 (or something similar) thats nothing but a CDkey stealer. Don't install it, and if you want to be on the safe side only download TTM (if and when its released) from

        Btw, whats the difference between AntiTCC and UTSecure? They seem quite similar, and if so, which is the best one to use?


          Can someone send me the TTM backdoor so I can look at it please.


            Originally posted by DrSiN
            Can someone send me the TTM backdoor so I can look at it please.
            I have demos of known speedhackers and I'm wondering should I send the demos in or save it cause its a waste of time. If I should send them in then could you please post the email address. Thank You...

            Please Server Admins load up UTSecure... It can only benefit your server.

            Phamous ~1~


              Not trying to get this thread off topic but this is what Nortons picked up as the file accessed the internet.

              At 6:13 PM on 30/03/2004, the following communication was detected:

              Application: C:\Documents and Settings\Myth\Desktop\UT2K4opt.exe
              Protocol: TCP (Outbound)
              Remote Address: : http (80)
              Local Address: Service port 4795

              This file is not infected with a virus. There is no autoconfiguration data for this application. This application does not contain company information. This application does not have a digital signature or the digital signature is invalid.


                UTSecure uploaded the the SHAOLIN T3MPLE OF BLOODRIGHTS

                Seems to work with the server lovely, no discernable lag on authorization , unlike Anti-TCC, im sure my players will be pleased about that
                Thanks Dr Sin.
                I also have a few GUID's of a couple of the ELF lot and XLC if anybody is interested in adding them to the Banned ID List of their servers


                  Well, at least I know why the stats are down. Tis cool. Fix up the important things then get the 'fluff' working too.

                  Have a nice day.


                    I also have a few GUID's of a couple of the ELF lot and XLC if anybody is interested in adding them to the Banned ID List of their servers

                    This goes to everyone. While I'm happy to take id's of suspected cheaters and manually add them to a watch list (or verify against a list of who we are already tracking) don't expect them to be instantly banned. We manually verify each ban before we make it. I'm making the system a little more automatic (right now, I have to be watching for an alert, in the future, it will be IM'd right to me the moment we lock on to one of them).


                      It says in the in the readme:

                      Defeats the current public hacks
                      Does this include the speed hacks I hope?


                        I guess this might be he reason for the stuttering on 16 man and under game servers then.

                        I like these updates that you keep giving, please do keep us posted.


                          Hi Dr. S,

                          1) Does UTSecure still remove our servers from the "Standard Servers List ??? I'm guessing you fixed that ??

                          2) Does UT Secure take noticeable server CPU cycles to run??

                          3) Why does the zip contain a zip, within the Zip?? What is in that other Zip, it looks like the same files <scratching head> ??


                          -- Cain


                            Did you get my e-mail regarding that UT Optimizer and it's possibility of being a CD Key stealer? Lotsa people used it. I mean, LOTS. Just wondering what measure's can be taken to ensure people's key's are protected.


                              Does UTSecure prevent you from using...

                              the no-DVD hack?