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Regarding N/A Ping on NAT/WLan Dedicated servers

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    Regarding N/A Ping on NAT/WLan Dedicated servers

    So I've been trying to set a dedicated server for years - And I really hope we can put an end to this headache.

    I've been through like 3 routers and well I once managed to achieve it and I don't remember how, but a week later it stopped working, probably because of Dynamic IP (it was long ago I wasn't aware of many things, was years ago).

    It seems that people hosting Dedicated servers behind NAT or WLan allways get N/A ping on server browser, and that people with D-Link routers not so much. It usually happens because the master server or whoever commands this process manages to change the port of the server on the IP into some random number!

    E.G.: Instead of having this IP: ( on the server browser, I'll have the same IP ( with a random number! (the x's)

    So everyone has been facing this problem, and I've been searching all around google for the last 2 days and nights I haven't even gone to sleep trying to find a final solution to this stupid problem.

    I set all these ports already
    Port Type Description
    7777 UDP/IP (Game Port)
    7778 UDP/IP (Query Port; game port + 1)
    7787 UDP/IP (GameSpy Query Port; game port + 10)
    28902 TCP/IP (Allows your Server to Connect to the UT2004 Master Server Browser)
    27900 UDP/IP
    27900 TCP/IP
    (And also the one who starts on 42292 or something both TCP/UDP).
    Allowed program on Firewall, all that old ****.

    When I launch the server, I can see it on server browser with N/A ping. When I right click and "Open IP" it, it actually shows my IP with some random port ,":55125" is an example. If I set that port to 7777, or add the server to favourites and then Edit the last numbers into 7777 (the port), then it works too. People can connect, etc, everything''s fine.
    Problem is most people won't be looking at some random colorless server with N/A ping and figuring out just because they got enlightned that they should change the port to 7777.

    So something is making and forcing my server to assume random ports, and not the 7777 port. What could it be?
    Could I force the game or the server to host the server on port 7777 so people could join without having to change the IP?
    Could it be on a file like UT2004.ini or on the router/computer?

    I also heard that setting the ports into a much higher value like 100 could fix the problem. I don't know untill which point this is true.

    Any suggestions? I know this is a really old topic and well not like people will be launching servers sky-rocket, but this would at least help me and hopefully a dozen people out there seeking questions.

    By the way (Update)
    Unreal admin website also mentions this:

    "Also, please remember due to the way NAT works, any computer within your local NAT network will have to connect and view your server (via the server browser) via the LAN IP else you will have problem's connecting and get N/A for the server details. Anyone outside your network (Internet) should see your server fine now as long as the ports are opened."

    I'm hosting on the same computer as I'm playing... but this shouldn't be relevant at all I believe.

    Thank you for all your atention guys

    try look up your router then game and follow instructions


      any luck????