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Compressing UT2 to UZ2 question

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    Compressing UT2 to UZ2 question

    g'day all.

    When compressing maps to UZ2 files, should anything else be compressed or just .UT2 map files?.

    In UT3 you compress .UT3, .U and I believe .UPK files too, they all need to be compressed.

    In Unreal Tournament 2004, I see various types of files: .UTX, UPL, U, UCL, USX, UAX, UKX, and music being .OGG.
    Do these need to be compressed and added to the webserver too, or just the map file (.UT2).


    You need to compress UTX (textures), U (code/misc), USX (static meshes), UAX (audio) and UKX (skeletal meshes). UPL and UCL are configuration, and neither they nor OGGs get sent to clients.


      Thank you.


        I take it .INT files are not required to be compressed, they look to be configuration files.

        When installing custom maps to a UT2K4 server, is it required to install the OGG music files too that are not sent to the client?,


          No. Music files are not replicated at all. If the file is missing, the client simply won't hear the music. If it's present, they will.


            Only Unreal packages will be sent to clients. (I wouldn't call it replication, though.)
            INT, INI, UPL, UCL - those are plain text files.
            OGG - that's not a package format either.

            The package files in UT2004 have the extensions UT2, U, UAX, UTX, USX, UKX. In fact, the cache files (.UXX) and save game files (.UVX) and the Packages.md5 file in the System folder are also in Unreal package format, though you will never find a reason to have a client fetch those via the built-in downloading feature.

            The client will request the map file, packages configured via ServerPackages statically in UT2004.ini, packages configured as ServerPackages by mods at runtime, and any packages those depend on. That means, if you have an Onslaught map, the map package will definitely depend on Onslaught.u, which depends on the packages for Onslaught-related textures, meshes and staticmeshes, the latter two may depend on other texture packages, and so on. If you run custom mods on your server, always provide redirected downloads for all of the mod's packages, even if you don't have to add any of the to the ServerPackages.