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    UT2004 Server Image Query

    The most important part of running a UT2004 server is getting people to play in it. If you post your server to a forum you visit, people might join, but if it's empty the one time they check, they'll probably never look again, because it's a lot of work to load up a game to find an empty server.

    With this in mind, I made a way to show the status of a server as an image you can post in a forum or anywhere on the web.

    Basically, it's a PHP script that, given the address of a UT2004 server, can produce a continuously-updated image like this one:

    This is useful for private game server threads so nobody has to jump between the forums and the game to see if a given server's up and populated.

    For anybody running or promoting a UT2004 game server (retail or demo), the script and support are available at

    Yea. I use a a php plug-in for php nuke. It works nicely for almost any game without modification.

    Here is the link

    Let me know what you think.