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Man, 157 Bots and my CPU is 100% :D

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    Man, 157 Bots and my CPU is 100% :D

    Well I was bored tonight and I wanted to know how many bots can a P4 3.2Ghz can take...

    I know the max is 32, but there is away around that

    I had over 100 Bots and my system wasnt even 70% maxed... But when I was over 130 bots - 157 bots.. Then it was lagged to hell and back and pegged at 100%

    Man I was spectating and they all looked like a pack of ants.. It was very funny!

    I saw a small circle of red, I was like WTF is that.. I floated around (spectate) until I got closer and saw like 30 members of red hanging out at a power node...

    I have some screenies.. LOL

    If anyone is interested

    I am thinking 157 bots + small DM map, and a listening server instead of dedicated + redeemer would be interesting to see all 157 killed in one shot

    You should start building a map!


      I tried to duplicated it in instant action so I can "cheat" lol...

      But I cannot produce the same effect, I cannot get passed 32 bots while in Instant Action...

      But with dedicated it is quite easy

      Its sick, they are still fighting... They look like ants!

      Here I got some screenies


        Now that is funny.


          Thanks, I am pondering trying it out on a DM map and setting the score to unlimited and see what 157 bots can do with some mutators enabled


            Whats the trick to that? I'd like to see how many bots I can add to my server


              Its quite easy

              Run a dedicated mode server.
              Login to Webadmin
              Set bots to use roster, instead of number.
              Enter the game as a spectator and ALT-TAB out
              Now back in webadmin click Bots under current and tick off all the bots you want and click ADD, do NOT use the ADD x bot feature, that will max out at 32...