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Numerous servers

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  • Numerous servers

    First of all, I am running a LAN party in about a week, and I am in charge of configuring the UT 2k3 server, I was wondering if there is a way to setup more than one server on a computer, using either port settings, or a seperate network connection. The server will be running in windows, not sure which one yet, either XP or windows 2003 server. also, when I run the dedicated server from the copy I downloaded, I cannot access the Web admin pannel, when I set one up in game and set it to dedicated I can access the admin panel. Any help is greatly appreciated...

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    Ok this is how I do it.

    Install the Dedicated Server UT2003Server.
    Install all updates and Packs.
    It has a System folder and you set that Port to 7777 (default)
    Now create as many System folders as you want servers and in each case you set the Port in the UT2003.ini file 100 lower or higher.
    The port you will find 13 lines down in the UT2003.ini file in each System folder.

    Also you need to set the path in the UT2003.ini file in each System folder and you will find that under:

    So in other words off the main UT2003Server folder you will have:

    System - Port=7777 - Paths=../System/*.u
    System1 - Port=7677 - Paths=../System1/*.u
    System2 - Port=7577 - Paths=../System2/*.u
    System3 - Port=7477 - Paths=../System3/*.u
    ..... and so on.

    Copy all the files from the original System folder into the other System folders.

    In each System folder you drag and create a shortcut to your desktop from its UCC.exe file, then alter the Target in its properties:

    ucc.exe server CTF-Maul?Game=XGame.xCTFGame etc etc....

    Or you can create a small batch file for each System folder.


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      Hmm, is this for a Internet server (he said LAN in the original post). If for a LAN server shouldn't he change the LANPort and LANServerPort?

      If doing this for an Internet server, you also need to change the OldQueryPortNumber for each server.


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        Well I have never changed any LanServerPort or OldQueryPort or anything like that as a LAN normally does not need any Ports opened etc, unless ofcouse he is using a Firewall which I doubt anyways.

        I have 3 system folders on my LAN here which I use almost everyday for my code testing and all 3 run at the same time for different games.

        I think the LanServerPort is only if you have a Server connected to the internet then redirected to a Lan Server.
        Not sure as I've never used the LanServerPort or any of the others you mentioned.


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          Oh, I just thought that a LAN server used LANServerPort rather than Port.