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Server is not showing up on the master server list

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    What is the name of the server? Maybe we can check?

    I dont know what else it can be.. Did you drop the file into the directory?


      The server is now on the Master Server list. I don't know what the hosting company did, I just told them about it and it got fixed. The guy who fixed it had left for the day when I got back to them. It was probably port blocking on one of the routers.

      FYI, for anyone new at this (like me with ut2004), you do not need to put the UT2004_Server_CD_Key.reg file into any specific directory. Just doubleclick on it from anywhere on your Windows system and go.

      Thanks again for all the help guys.


        kool...glad its working.


          Having the same problem .. have the same settings, and is a hosted server ... server shows up on gamespy and all seeing eye server lists, but will not connect to the master list ....

          would having a bad or invalid server cd key prevent the server from being able to connect to the master list or would this just be a problem with port / firewalls?

          I can direct connect to the server as well, it just will not show up on the master list ......