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Uploading custom maps!

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    Uploading custom maps!

    I have a couple of custom maps for UT2004 which I got from UTHQ!

    ONS-Icarus and DM-Antaluswartorn!

    I also made a couple of testers to see if the server to client transfer was working properly.

    As a client I can get the ONS-Icarus map from the server and I can see the normal download progress screen as I am downloading it from my server.

    For the DM-Antaluswartorn map and all my testers when I attempt to get these maps from the server I get a"download not allowed" type message.

    Does anybody know anything here in regards to why these other maps wont up to the client?

    I been doing server to client push of custom maps for a few years so I am kind of baffled as to why this ONS will push but the DM will not.

    Im not sure if its an internal Map level issue or a packages md5 issue or a Casherecords issue ect.

    Any help would be great!!

    If you open the map in UnrealEd, resave it, and then set up the server with the resaved package does it download correctly after that?


      My tester did not want to create or see any dirty packages so it just saved again as normal and did not work.

      The DM-AntalusWarTorn map when I resaved it saw AW-2004Crystals.usx as being changed and asked me to save it and so I did.

      That again after the save and package rename did not work!

      Why dont you try it I will give you the link to the map. I think there is an issue here and before I start putting custom maps out for people I would like to know what it is I need to do to insure the new stuff will up!


        Technically if you delete one of your client side maps and then connect to the server that is running that map you should get the download!

        And this process works in UT2003 but will not work in UT2004!

        I deleted CTF-Grassyknoll client side and then try to connect to the server running CTF-Grassyknoll I get a "server doesnt allow download" message. But when I switch to the Custom ONS-Icarus map server side and connect to it I do get the download client side.

        I would think it be the stock map I would get the download and not the custom! Actually I should get both..

        Somethings wrong here!!


          No, official maps are not allowed to be downloaded. That's not a bug.

          The reason I asked you to re-save the map is because I wondered if an old UT2003 map, using the older package format, might confuse the game into thinking it is "official" instead of custom like it's supposed to. I'll test that map on a server and see what I can come up with.


            OK now I see the issue!

            Its probably still seeing the DM-AntalusWarTorn map and my testers as "official" maps.

            Because they are basically just revisions of official maps.

            Hmmm, very intersting and logical to me now!

            Ill build a small CTF from scratch and see if that works.

            Now is this some sort of new built in security to prevent people from altering the "official" maps and reposting them as custom?


              Yea the Vehicle CTF test map I did from scratch Uploaded and played just fine!

              Pretty cool those little toilet cars ect.