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The CacheRecords.ucl file is unicode...

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  • The CacheRecords.ucl file is unicode...

    I've been looking at the CacheRecords.ucl file, and it's quite clearly a unicode formatted file, not ASCII
    I think this must be the cause of the WebAdmin problem on the majority of non-NT kernels.

    Anyone care to confirm or deny?

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    It all worked fine for the demo...
    Must be another reason than just the unicode... But I don't know, it's just a suggestion.


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      The CacheRecords.ucl file from the Linux dedicated demo server is ASCII, not unicode. I just checked.

      EDIT: So I opened CacheRecords.ucl in Wordpad and saved it as an ASCII text file. I then tried that on the Linux server and it works.

      However, when the server runs it converts the text file from Windows format to Unix format.
      The dedicated server treats a Unix formatted text file as corrupt (!) bringing the original problem back.
      (Kudos to Faze for picking up the line break changes ).

      So I have done the following:
      1. Saved CacheRecords.ucl as an ASCII encoded text file.
      2. Set my startup script to run unix2dos on CacheRecords.ucl before running UT2004.
      This resolves the webadmin bug without constantly replacing the file or making it read-only.

      EDIT 2: Damn, for some reason that only worked once. Subsequent tests have had it going back to unicode format.
      But it's something along these lines, I know it.


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        Confirmed bug.

        Use the original and make it read-only for now. The guys in #unrealadmin know about this...


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          Well it's not like I've got anything better to do. (drumbs fingers impatiently for UT2004 UK release)