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My friends trials server is acting weird

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    My friends trials server is acting weird

    hes got dm, trials, tam, team deathmatch, clan arena, igctf, lgctf all on one server and he cant lengthen the time limit for trials and also people get a new time saved when they go over the time limit in the btimes. He says it's a conflict of mutators UTComp, Trials, and mode. When people vote using F5 it messes up the trials part.

    People need to vote dm before they can see any of the ctf gametypes.

    I set up all the different game types in map vote.....using utcomp and allowing ppl to vote for what they want is looking for trouble....specially if you have Trials as a game type on the server!
    ...i've seen this on another Trial server and when things were not working correctly in Trials ...they all left...not everyone is use to using utcomp and all its goodies!
    ...sometimes too many options is not a good thing.

    good luck!