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Server loops between loading screen and map.

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    Server loops between loading screen and map.

    UT2004 running on a Linux server.

    This problem has all of us guessing.

    Randomly the server will loop between the map loading screen and the map, after a map vote.

    It has occured on both our Invasion server and VCTF server. Different settings and different mutators.

    Anybody with a good solution to this?

    uno, you should honestly give a lot more information. You aren't describing the problem really.

    As he said, we have experienced the same problem on another server before (same server machine). Magically though, it rarely happens now, but started to happen on another one of our servers.

    It all starts randomly (we noticed it often at the end of the day, after the server had been running for a while) during a map travel with plenty of these messages in the log file:
    Log: CheckConnectionQueue: Failed to accept queued connection: 24
    I've done reverse engineering on this in IpDrv.dll.
    That log entry is printed by this DLL directly after a WSAGetLastError call in Windows ( I know we're dealing with Linux, but both systems use Berkeley Sockets so the basic error codes are the same.

    The description for network error code 24 is:
    Originally posted by MSDN
    Too many open files. Too many open sockets. Each implementation may have a maximum number of socket handles available, either globally, per process, or per thread.
    Something seems to be opening files and not closing them, because it fits exactly to what happens once a lot of those messages were printed. The server tries to load the map to travel to, but fails:
    ScriptLog: ProcessServerTravel: VCTF-Fortress-beta3?Game=XGame.xVehicleCTFGame?Mutator=UTExtra17-BBS-4.UTExtra,ScreenSenderF1U.MutScreenSender,DeployableFun.DeployableFun,Balancer-v100_b12.MutBalance,Surprise2.MutSurprise,TitanRPG-v151_b25.MutTitanRPG
    ScriptLog: PreClientTravel
    Log: Server switch level: VCTF-Fortress-beta3?Game=XGame.xVehicleCTFGame?Mutator=UTExtra17-BBS-4.UTExtra,ScreenSenderF1U.MutScreenSender,DeployableFun.DeployableFun,Balancer-v100_b12.MutBalance,Surprise2.MutSurprise,TitanRPG-v151_b25.MutTitanRPG
    Log: Browse: VCTF-Fortress-beta3?Name=fluke?Class=Engine.Pawn?Character=Jakob?team=255?Game=XGame.xVehicleCTFGame?Mutator=UTExtra17-BBS-4.UTExtra,ScreenSenderF1U.MutScreenSender,DeployableFun.DeployableFun,Balancer-v100_b12.MutBalance,Surprise2.MutSurprise,TitanRPG-v151_b25.MutTitanRPG?MaxPlayers=32
    Warning: Failed to load 'VCTF-Fortress-beta3': Can't find file 'VCTF-Fortress-beta3'
    Warning: Failed to load 'Level None.MyLevel': Can't find file 'VCTF-Fortress-beta3'
    That's an example excerpt from when we had it on a VCTF server, it looks like that on Invasion now. It "can't find" the file - but it's there. We made sure the working directory didn't change and all that - the file is definitely there. However, since that error mentioned above occured (too many open files), I believe it just can't opened them and that results in a "not found" message.

    So it can't find the map file, what UT2004 does is try and travel to the next one. Same problem, next one, next one... it goes on until we manually stop the thing and restart it. I have worked on a little mutator that will call Crash() when the last travel was less than 5 seconds ago, but that's a truly ugly workaround and the only reason why I've done that is because I'm almost totally out of ideas.

    What I realized recently, is that the two servers have one mutator in common: the ServerExt ChatFilter, and that does deal with files. We'll try disabling it to see whether it gets rid of the problem.

    Still, we'd be gracious as hell if anybody could give us more hints on what exactly could be going here.
    Thanks on behalf of the whole BBS team.


      Still occured without the ServerExt ChatFilter. It's probably no mutator then.