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server not in lan browser with mutihome switch?

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    server not in lan browser with mutihome switch?

    When I use the mutihome switch for a lan only server I cannot see server in lan browser. Without multihome, it's there. Can connect by ip.

    I use multihome and it works fine. The world can see them as well.


      I want to keep traffic off the external interface which I assume will do but it's not showing up in the lan browser on said interface.



        I have nearly the same problem....
        I'm running the UT server on an aliased IP via multihome.... I can connect to it via LAN and it is even reachable via Internet if I forward the ports in my router.
        But I cannot see it in the LAN browser....

        I assume that something is wrong with the routing... I added the alias with:
        ifconfig eth0:0
        route add -host dev eth0:0

        perhaps the reason for our problems is also nearly the same....
        any suggestions ???

        bye Haqim


          I have read somewhere that it may be a dns issue, but I don't want to go though all the trouble of running a dns server just so I can see my server in the browser. I don't know why I would need dns if it is broadcast any how. If you figure it out let me know, as I will do the same


            You got this in your UT2004.ini or your server.ini if you made it that way in the bat?

            NetworkStatusMenuClass=GUI2K4.UT2K4NetworkStatusMs g

            You might change that DoLANBroadcast to True..

            And/or the NAT...


              if your not connecting to a link like ... unreal:// than DNS has nothing to do w/ anything

              DNS just resolvs to an IP, thus if you connect yo unreal://your.ip.addy:7777 your not using dns thus its not the problem

              if you want to play on your server via lan and not have it be accessable via internet you dont need a multihoned box. just block it w/ ipsec or a firewall or your router. ie zone alarm has 2 classes, 1 = internet 2 = lan allow it in your lan block it in your internet class.

              if you want it to be accessable from both than you still dont need a multihoned box....


                I'm familiar with the function of dns. I agree that it should have nothing to do with it. I just stated that it was something I read while trying to trace the problem. My server has 2 nics both on private subnets. One is connected to my company network, in which I want to block broadcasts on. The other is connected to a small lan, in which I wish to play unreal on. If I do not use the multihome switch I can see the server in the browser on both subnets. If I use the switch I cannot see it on either one, but can connect via ip on the subnet specified by the multihome switch.


                  what do you mean a multihoned switch?
                  a switch connects nics. a multihoned pc has more then 1 nic in it.

                  nomatter what your trying to do, you can just use ipsec and 1 nic to do it. the only case you would NEED a 2nd nic is if you need more throughput. tho it is eayser to segment networks via 2 nics i have a multihoned box my self, but i dont NEED to.

                  I would change doLAN brardcasts to TRUE, you shouldent need to set behind NAT to true because multihoned or not your still connectiong directlay to the box.

                  the problem id think is doLANbroadcasts is set to false. IF you were using IPSec you could limit broadcasts to an ip and or port.

                  IPSec lets you set from:IP and/or PORT and to: IP and/or PORT. ie. <-> you can do any thing w/ it


                    - multihome is a command line switch for the server binary, not a physical switch. I have 2 nics one is on the company network I use the machine as a fileserver for backup purposes for 200+ users, the other nic is for unreal gameplay only. As I stated in a previous replyif I use "ucc-bin -server_args -multihome", broadcast does not work, without out the switch(multihome) broadcast works fine, but it is also broadcast on the other subnet.



                      does your NIC you bind the UT server to respond to broadcasts ??

                      This seems to be my problem..... I don't get any response on broadcasts from my aliased IP.
                      Because of that I can't see the server in the list, because
                      the UT client sends a broadcast to which the server should reply....but doesn't

                      Perhaps that is the reason for you too.... ??

                      cya Haqim


                        just block the broadcast w/ IPsec or a firewall than


                          I have the same Problem. No Broadcast with the Multihome switch. Somebody fix't it?