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Anti TCC 2009 Released (update: R4)

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    Anti TCC 2009 Released (update: R4)

    What has changed since release 1?

    * Fixed zoom of Assault turrets and FOV changes of space fighters.
    * Fixed a few other instances of WhatToDo=LogOnly incorrectly overriding more specific cheat reactions.
    * The console font no longer changes randomly.
    * Fixed random initial rotation when entering Onslaught energy turrets or vehicle passenger seats.
    * End-game checks can now also be performed at the end of non-final rounds in Assault, Onslaught and similarly structured gametypes.

    What has changed since Anti TCC v1.19 Beta 26?
    Major new features are:

    * Secured console class. This should definitely lock down the console commands most UnrealScript cheats are loaded with.
    * Detecting REND console command abuse. These commands can be used offline and persist into network games. They can be abused to make invisible players much easier to see, even at a distance.
    * The INI file name for player IDs is no longer restricted to predefined values. Also starting with this version, all Anti TCC versions will share the same section in the INI file. IDs from v1.19 and earlier still need to be imported manually. The new shared section name is [AntiTCC PlayerIDs] and the standard INI file is AntiTCCPlayerIDs.ini.
    * Admins who have used LockFOV.u before can enable that feature within Anti TCC now.

    There are also a few major bugfixes:

    * Shadows of players and vehicles are rendered again.
    * The WhatToDoBlacklisted setting now works correctly even with WhatToDo=LogOnly
    * That "Runaway loop detected" crash some players were experiencing on startup should now only happen very rarely, if at all. (I can't really prevent it entirely, and somehow I think it's related to a garbage collection bug outside Anti TCC.)
    * A bug that caused menus to close when spectating another player has been fixed. This bug might also be responsible for other weird behavior in previous Anti TCC versions.
    * bRotationLock=True will no longer cause the view to spin around randomly under certain conditions.

    This list likely isn't complete.

    What has changed since the last official version, Anti TCC v1.18c?
    Oh, quite a lot. Some of the highlights:

    * Auto-pause while a player reconnects during the match. (For competitive matches, includes countdown before match continues.)
    * Special handling for certain illegal CD keys.
    * Custom player agreement texts, e.g. for server rules. Players have to agree before allowed to join the game.
    * Improved secure PlayerController class. Checks for chat spam, mass suicide, unusually high frequency of nick changes. Prevents certain movement hacks and some lag attacks against the game server.
    * Improved simple log mode, optionally also logging whatever happened between the start of the match and the first insecurity.
    * View rotation and audio rolloff locks.
    * Detection of certain server crash attempts.
    * Improved package and data integrity checks.

    Documentation. Download. Original thread.

    Support the author (PayPal), he deserves it. Maybe new versions will follow.

    having problems with this version on antitcc and utvote56 and utvote57
    cant use the ingame admin control panel. If you try to use any of the admin menus
    the control panel goes away and you get a mouse curser. Any help would would be apreciated. Thanks


      Forwarded to Wormbo.

      Originally posted by Snuffy View Post
      having problems with this version on antitcc and utvote56 and utvote57
      cant use the ingame admin control panel. If you try to use any of the admin menus
      the control panel goes away and you get a mouse curser. Any help would would be apreciated. Thanks


        Forwarded to UT2Vote forum on BUF.


          New release 3 available.

          What has changed since release 2?
          • Fixed the SET command filter, which incorrectly blocked "set Input [key] [command]".
          • Fixed a default prefetch check entry that could possibly cause false positives.
          • Improved key reset code for Input Inconsistency checks.
          • Addressed some crashes related to replaced shadow projectors (client) and cleanup of player ID log files. (server) Not sure if those are actually fixed now or were just symptoms of other problems.
          • The server's current and maximum tick rate is now displayed in the server details box of the server browser and mid-game menu rules tab.
          • Fixed not being able to look up or down when standing on moving vehicles.
          • Fixed not being able to fire while driving vehicles
          • Sanity check: Prevented running Anti TCC and SafeGame at the same time - they are simply not compatible.
          • Fixed client demo playback view direction.

          Are there any known bugs in this release?
          Unfortunately, yes:
          • The way Anti TCC secures the console breaks admin menu commands of UT2Vote up to version 57 and some other mods. (These mods access the console though InteractionMaster.Console, which conflicts with Anti TCC's secured console feature. This must be fixed in those mods, I can't do anything about it.)


            Release 4 is out.

            What has changed since release 3?
            • Fixed a rotation lock problem that could affect player rotation on end of AVRiL lock.
            • Fixed a display bug in the WhoWas command.
            • In Assault, the ResetTimeDelay is only extended to at least 15 seconds if the practice round is disabled.
            • Long ambient sounds are only disabled if the client has disabled music.
            • Unknown classes in packages that don't exist on the server will no longer be reported if the package is in the list of MD5 checks. This means you don't need to install voice and announcer packs on your server anymore just to allow them on clients. A QuickMD5 (or FullMD5) entry will be enough to "whitelist" them.
            • Added detection and workaround for player slot exploits.
            • Merged in Custom Punishments code. Admins (including silently logged-in ones) can now slap or kill annoying players.
            • Improved efficiency of blacklisted keybind detection.
            • Added 'Mutate AntiTCC GetServerTickRate' (or 'GetServerTickRate' for short), which will display the server's current tick rate in the console.

            ProAsm updated his mods to work with Anti TCC's secured console, btw. Please contact the authors of any other mods that seem to have problems with clientside features not working in combination with Anti TCC 2009.


              I keep getting announced as having illegal packages/files, illegal client settings etc.. several announcements about me, the client setting message being repeated every 1 minute or so.

              I can say 100% I do not have anything illegal installed or in use. infact I just reinstalled windows and ut2004 about 4 days ago. So obviously something is wrong with anti tcc. I have patch 3369 and the ece-bonuspack.

              Maybe there is a server I can join so you can see what is being flagged?


                Simple normal keybinds blacklisted?(no hacks/cheats)

                Hi there
                I played on Foibos server and I found out that my beloved simple ordinairy keybinds don't seem to work with your latest anti tcc version Wormbo.
                I played with these binds ever since the game came out.
                So I am pretty used to playing with them.

                Aliases[36]=(Command="getweapon XWeapons.FlakCannon |set input Delete flakrok2",Alias="flakrok1")

                Aliases[37]=(Command="getweapon XWeapons.RocketLauncher |set input Delete flakrok1",Alias="flakrok2")

                Basicly a switch between rocket and flak.

                PipedSwitchWeapon 4|PipedSwitchWeapon 9

                And a switch between shock and lg.
                This last one works but it kinda stutters and fails every now and then.
                At first i thought it was my Belkin52 acting up.
                But I disconnected it and tried with keyboard but I got the same results.
                I am hoping these aren't on the blacklisted binds
                Can't think of a reason why they should.
                I do enjoy a hackfree gaming experience but it sucks ofcourse if it messes with honest gameplay.Please tell me what's going on?




                  You might be running into a stupid bug there. Try using "set Engine.Input ..." instead, it's basically the same, but won't trigger the bug.


                    why does anti tcc lock my view rotation? It remains locked and I have to disconnect and rejoin to get it back. This happens about once every...5 maps or so. (It appears to be random.)

                    I can turn left and right but not up or down with my mouse. This has cost me my slot on a server a few times! very annoying.

                    Is there anything I can do to help avoid this? I've tried not even touching my mouse but it still happens. :/


                      Originally posted by Wormbo View Post
                      You might be running into a stupid bug there. Try using "set Engine.Input ..." instead, it's basically the same, but won't trigger the bug.
                      Cheers m8,thanks alot Wormbo.
                      That worked
                      Keep up that good work man.
                      Seriously,I so ******* hate hax.

                      Since you are good at this stuff..I was wondering if you could take a look at a problem with my custom teamsymbols and skin I made.You will probably see it in an instance why they wont show up clientside.
                      Serverpackages are set,they are downloaded,but it doesn't force clients to see them.
                      I want to put up a public server but do want these things to work,
                      It's been doing my head in.

                      unreal 4 life