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Administration summon list, plus more

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    Administration summon list, plus more

    I created this thread a year and so ago on the Atari forums, and quite a lot of you found this list useful. If you're an administrator, and you have one of the admin mods (admin plus, etc) then you can summon these by typing "Admin Summon [insert one of the below here]. I found this whole list manually using unreal editor and searching through the actors. Enjoy.

    Object --- Description

    Weapons (Pickups):

    xWeapons.AssaultRiflePickup --- Assault Rifle pickup
    xWeapons.BioRiflePickup --- Bio Rifle Pickup
    UtClassic.SniperRiflePickup --- Sniper Rifle Pickup
    xWeapons.FlakCannonPickup --- Flak Cannon Pickup
    xWeapons.LinkGunPickup --- Link Gun Pickup
    xWeapons.MinigunPickup --- Minigun Pickup
    Onslaught.OnsAvrilPickup --- AVRiL Pickup
    Onslaught.GrenadePickup --- Grenade Launcher Pickup
    Onslaught.OnsMineLayerPickup --- Mine Layer Pickup
    xWeapons.PainterPickup --- Ion Painter Pickup
    OnslaughtFull.OnsPainterPickup --- Target Painter Pickup
    xWeapons.RedeemerPickup --- Redeemer Pickup
    xWeapons.RocketLauncherPickup --- Rocket Launcher Pickup
    xWeapons.ShieldGunPickup --- Shield Gun Pickup
    xWeapons.ShockRiflePickup --- Shock Rifle Pickup
    xWeapons.SniperRiflePickup --- Lightning Gun Pickup
    xWeapons.SuperShockRiflePickup --- Instagib Super Shock Rifle Pickup
    xWeapons.Transpickup --- Translocator Pickup

    UTClassic Weapons (Pickups)


    Ammo- (Pickups)

    xWeapons.AssaultAmmoPickup --- Assault Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.BioAmmoPickup --- Bio Ammo Pickup
    UTClassic.ClassicSniperAmmoPickup --- Sniper Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.FlakAmmoPickup --- Flak Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.LinkAmmoPickup --- Link Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.MinigunAmmoPickup --- Minigun Ammo Pickup
    Onslaught.OnsAVRiLAmmoPickup --- Anti Vehicle Rockets Pickup
    Onslaught.OnsGrenadeAmmoPickup --- Grenade Launcher Ammo Pickup
    Onslaught.OnsMineAmmoPickup --- Mine Layer Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.RocketAmmoPickup --- Rocket Launcher Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.ShockAmmoPickup --- Shock Rifle Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.SniperAmmoPickup --- Lightning Gun Ammo Pickup

    Items (Shieldpacks, Adrenaline, etc)

    xPickups.AdrenalinePickup --- Adrenaline Pickup
    xPickups.ShieldPack --- Shield Pack
    xPickups.SuperShieldPack --- Super Shield Pack
    xPickups.HealthPack --- Normal Health Pack
    xPickups.MiniHealthPack --- Health Vial
    xPickups.SuperHealthPack --- Big Keg o' Health Pickup
    xPickups.UDamagePack --- Double Damage Pack
    xGame.UDamageReward --- Makes you turn purple.. no effect (Pickup)

    Projectiles: (Bullets, Grenades, Plasma, etc)

    xWeapons.BioGlob --- Bio Rifle Goop
    UTClassic.ClassicBioGlob --- Bio Rifle Goop
    UT2k4AssaultFull.FX_SpaceFighter_InstantHitLaser --- Non-effective laser
    xWeapons.FlakChunk --- Flak Particle from primary fire
    UTClassic.ClassicFlakChunk --- Same as Flak Chunk
    xWeapons.FlakShell --- Flak Grenade
    UTClassic.ClassicFlakShell --- Flak Grenade
    SkaarjPack.GasBagBelch --- Fire shot from the GasBag
    xWeapons.Grenade --- Assault Rifle Grenade
    SkaarjPack.KrallBolt --- Krall Bolt
    SkaarjPack.EliteKrallBolt --- Elite Krall Bolt
    xWeapons.LinkProjectile --- Link Gun Primary Fire Shot
    Onslaught.OnsAVRiLRocket --- AVRiL Rocket
    Onslaught.OnsAttackCraftMissle --- Raptor Missile
    OnslaughtFull.OnsBomb --- A Dragonfly bomb that drops and explodes on impact
    OnslaughtFull.OnsBomberRocketProjectile --- Rocket a Dragonfly fires
    Onslaught.OnsGrenadeProjectile --- Grenade Launcher grenade, detonate with one of your own
    OnslaughtFull.OnsMASRocketProjectile --- Blue rocket that the levithian fires
    Onslaught.OnsMineProjectileBlue --- Blue spider mine (Explodes on impact)
    Onslaught.OnsMineProjectileRed --- Red spider mine (Explodes on impact)
    Onslaught.OnsAttackCraftPlasmaProjectileBlue --- Raptor primary fire plasma
    Onslaught.OnsAttackCraftPlasmaProjectileRed --- Raptor primary fire plasma
    Onslaught.OnsHoverBikePlasmaProjectile --- Manta primary fire plasma
    OnslaughtFull.OnsMASPlasmaProjectile --- Levithian turret plasma fire
    Onslaught.OnsManualGunPlasmaProjectile --- Blue plasma
    Onslaught.OnsRvWebProjectile --- Green web from scorpion primary fire
    Onslaught.OnsRvWebProjectileLeader --- Same as above
    Onslaught.OnsRocketProjectile --- Goliath tank fire
    UT2k4AssaultFull.PROJ_LinkTurret_Plasma --- Link turret primary fire
    UT2k4Assault.PROJ_Sentinel_Laser --- Sentinel laser fire
    UT2k4Assault.PROJ_Sentinel_Laser_Red --- Sentinel laser fire
    UT2k4Assault.PROJ_SpaceFighter_Rocket --- Spacefighter secondary fire rocket
    UT2k4AssaultFull.PROJ_TurretSkaarjPlasma --- Spacefighter primary fire plasma
    UT2k4AssaultFull.PROJ_TurretSkaarjPlasma_Red --- Same as above
    xWeapons.RedeemerProjectile --- Redeemer Missile
    OnslaughtFull.OnsAutoBomberBomb --- Redeemer like missile called in from airstrike attacks
    xWeapons.RocketProj --- Rocket launcher fire
    SkaarjPack.BruteRocket --- Brute Rocket
    xWeapons.SeekingRocketProj --- Rocket that doesn't really "seek"
    Vehicles.BulldogRocket --- Another rocket
    SkaarjPack.WarlordRocket --- Warlord's rocket
    xWeapons.ShockProjectile --- Shock core
    UTClassic.ClassicShockProjectile --- Shock core
    Onslaught.OnsSkyMine --- Skymine
    SkaarjPack.SkaarjProjectile --- Skaarj's green shock core
    SkaarjPack.FireSkaarjProjectile --- Skaarj's red shock core
    SkaarjPack.IceSkaarjProjectile --- Skaarj's blue shock core
    UTClassic.TracerProjectile --- Odd flakchunk-like projectile that doesn't hurt
    xWeapons.TransBeacon --- Translocator Beacon
    xWeapons.BlueBeacon --- Translocator Beacon
    xWeapons.RedBeacon --- Translocator Beacon
    UTClassic.ClassicRedBeacon --- Translocator Beacon
    UTClassic.ClassicBlueBeacon --- Translocator Beacon

    Vehicles, Turrets, and Sentinels:

    Ut2k4AssaultFull.AsTurret_BallTurret --- Turrets from AS-Mothership
    Ut2k4AssaultFull.AsTurret_IonCannon --- Ion cannon
    Ut2k4AssaultFull.AsTurret_LinkTurret --- Link Turret
    Ut2k4Assault.ASTurret_Minigun --- Minigun Turret
    Ut2k4Assault.ASVehicle_Sentinel_Ceiling --- Ceiling Sentinel
    Ut2k4Assault.ASVehicle_Sentinel_Floor --- Floor Sentinel
    Ut2k4AssaultFull.ASVehicle_Spacefighter_Human --- Human Spacefighter, flies instantly, press
    Ut2k4AssaultFull.ASVehicle_Spacefighter_Skaarj --- (Continued from above)"Use" to get in.
    Vehicles.Bulldog --- A bulldog that you can't drive around
    Onslaught.OnsAttackCraft --- Raptor
    Onslaught.OnsHoverBike --- Manta
    OnslaughtFull.OnsBomber --- Dragonfly
    Onslaught.OnsHoverTank --- Goliath Tank
    OnslaughtFull.OnsHoverTank_IonPlasma --- Ion Plasma Tank
    OnslaughtFull.OnsGenericSD --- TC-1200 Secret Toilet Vehicle
    OnslaughtFull.OnsMobileAssaultStation --- Levithian
    Onslaught.ONSPRV --- Hellbender
    Onslaught.ONRV --- Scorpion


    Skaarjpack.Monster --- Monster with a jakob skin that follows you
    Skaarjpack.Brute --- Brute
    Skaarjpack.Behemoth --- Behemoth
    Skaarjpack.Gasbag --- Gasbag
    Skaarjpack.Krall --- Krall
    Skaarjpack.EliteKrall --- Elite Krall
    Skaarjpack.Manta --- Manta
    Skaarjpack.Razorfly --- Razorfly
    Skaarjpack.Skaarj --- Skaarj
    Skaarjpack.FireSkaarj --- Fire Skaarj
    Skaarjpack.IceSkaarj --- Ice Skaarj
    Skaarjpack.SkaarjPupae --- Pupae
    Skaarjpack.WarLord --- Warlord
    BonusPack.xMutantPawn --- Same as but it doesn't move and is spread out during spawn

    Other things and such:

    Onslaughtfull.OnsAutoBomber --- Immitates an airstrike, only summon it in a large area
    xEffects.ShockCombo --- Shock combo effect- no damage
    BonusPack.CrateActor --- Crate which is normally used with the "camoflauge" adrenaline combo
    xGame.Landmine --- Landmine, kills anything that walks over it
    xGame.xBombDeliveryHole --- The same effect as a BR goal, kills anything instantly that goes through it
    xEffects.TankVictim --- Summons a man that just got shot by a tank..ouch
    xGame.xBombFlag --- Summons a bombing run ball in the center of the map
    xGame.xRedFlagxBlueFlag --- summons a flag in the middle of map and doesn't appear until you touch it

    Also, if you have the onslaughtBP packages on your server:
    onslaughtbp.onsArtillery --- S.P.M.A.
    onslaughtbp.onsDualAttackCraft --- Cicida
    onslaughtbp.onsShockTank --- Paladin
    onslaughtbp.onsMortarShell --- S.P.M.A bullet, shoots straight down
    onslaughtbp.onsDualAcRocket --- Cicida Rocket
    onslaughtbp.onsDecoy --- Cicida Belly Turret alt-fire projectile, attracts AVRiLs
    onslaughtbp.onsShockTankProjectile --- Paladin shock bullet
    onslaughtbp.Deco_Barricade --- destroyable roadblock that respawns
    onslaughtbp.Deco_BreakablePost --- an old rusty sign that is destroyable, respawns

    "plus more"

    Most of the fun things I've experimented with admin over the years are set commands. I found these using Unreal Editor, looking in the actor classes and looking at the default properties of actors. If you have admin access on a server with an admin mutator, just type "Admin Set [Actor] [Property] [Value]." The [Actor] is just the object you're modifying. The [Property] is what property you're modifying. The [Value] can be just about any number, true, or false.

    Admin set pawn health [number] --- Health of every pawn, including all players, vehicles, and monsters.

    Admin set [actor] drawscale [number] --- Changes the size, ex: "Admin set pawn drawscale 3" makes all pawns three times larger.

    Admin set [actor] bBlockActors True --- Makes the actor solid, ex: "Admin set ProximityObjective bBlockActors True" makes it so nobody can press the objective (If it's a touch objective). You can also make cars and people have no impact with each other using this.


    Admin set OnsWheeledCraft bAllowChargingJump true --- Allows the Scorpion, the Hellbender, the toilet, the Levithian, and the S.P.M.A. to jump by holding in shift and releasing it.

    Admin set OnsWheeledCraft MaxJumpForce [Number] --- Insert a relatively high number to make the vehicles jump higher with the above code in. 200000 is default.

    Admin set OnsWheeledCraft bAllowAirControl true --- Allows wheeled vehicles to flip in the air, with the first code you can have the full stunt car experience.

    Admin set OnsWeapon FireInterval [Number] --- Modifies all vehicle attack rates, the smaller the faster.

    Admin set OnsWeapon AltFireInterval [Number] --- Same as above, but secondary fire.

    Admin set OnsHoverTank MaxThrust 100000 --- Makes the tank fly, puts on a show, quite fun.

    Admin set [pickup actor, refer to the list of pickups near the top of the page] respawntime [Number] --- Respawn time of the pickup inputted in seconds, put .01 if you want instant respawn.

    Admin set minihealthpack or healthpack or superhealthpack HealingAmount [Number] --- Pick one, changes the amount of health the pickup gives you. Try a negative number .

    Admin set shieldpack or supershieldpack shieldamount [number] --- Amount of shield the pickup gives you.

    Projectile Modifications:
    admin set [projectile] speed [Number]
    admin set [projectile] damage [Number]
    admin set [projectile] momentumtransfer [Number] --- This is how far you get bumped. Try negative to throw people towards the explosion.
    admin set [projectile] damageradius [Number]

    That's about it for now. I'll come back and edit this thread and add some here and there.
    Have fun.

    Nice list. Now I've wondered this for a while....can an admin through a command select a certain wave in invasion?


      thanks.. can some1 delete my thread bout serrver admin commands.. cuz i didnt see this section of the forum lol sorry


        Thanks for this list


          A question... Do any of these work on the demo?


            Something to note which should be at the top of the thread, when you use the set command on the server...the server gets taken off of the browser list. (I think...maybe it's just taken off the standard server list)


              They work on the demo


                u forgot admin set pawn health
                or admin set pawn groundspeed
                admin set pawn jumpz