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    Question for Big Server Operators

    Hi all,

    I've been trying to make some hardware decisions regarding 2k7. I know it's difficult to do, but it's also difficult to wait until the demo has been released to find out your hardware is not capable.

    I want to know what some of the other big server operators are thinking. Up until now, Opteron is king. Has Woodcrest changed that? As I usually only see synthetic benckmarks on websites (I have yet to see the standard 32p ONS test added ) what is it specifically that makes Opteron better? Is it FP calculations? Memory bandwidth?

    There are unfortunately too many variables. Will the overhead get worse/better/stay the same? Just how multiprocessed will this be? (I believe Mark Rein said there is only so much you can multi-process this game.) So if that's the case, will it be 80%-20% meaning you still need a really beefy core? Or will it be 50-50 and the more cores the merrier regardless of speed?

    Just wanted see what other big server operators out there were thinking.

    And Epic, c'mon. I'm not looking to pin you guys down on anything, but even some general trend would help here. Do you see the overhead staying about the same so far? How do you see the multi-threadedness of the application? Is it limited? And for god sakes, what's the word on 64p for 2k7? These are not trade secrets, and I'm not looking to sue you if it doesn't work out exactly that way! I'm just looking for even the tiniest bit of guidance.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback.


    Rich (TW)