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Last Question - I SWEAR! Linux-related

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    Last Question - I SWEAR! Linux-related

    Well, hi again

    I'm running a linux dedicated server, and I would like to know how can I shut off and turn on my server.
    I found two shell files (,, but they dont seem to work.

    So basically - How can I start/stop my server?

    To start your server and disconnect it from STDIN/STDOUT so it doesn't die when you close your shell, look into nohup (simpler) or screen (more advanced). To stop your server, look into kill.

    Look into shell scripting to learn more about how to automate these tasks and how to make your computer do it automatically on reboot etc.
    There are simply to many variables to start listing complete solutions. If you want to try "turnkey solutions" there are several sample scripts in the UnrealAdmin forums. Someone also posted a "shell script generator" here the other day.

    The search function and man are your friends.


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        Originally posted by i_doit3d

        Wouldn't that delete the already-exisiting WebAdmin stuff and configurations?