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Map compression error.

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  • Map compression error.

    I'm trying to compress a map to upload to a server so users don't have to download a 15-20+ file. But it happens that I get some error preventing me from doing that. I even try this with DM-Rankin.

    Heres whats done:

    D:\GAMES\UT2004\SYSTEM>ucc compress ../maps/DM-Rankin.ut2
    Error occurred opening DM-Rankin.ut2

    History: UCompressCommandlet::Main

    Exiting due to error

    I ran multiple google searches for this problem and it comes up with a few searches.

    I was wondering if this is a common problem or not.

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    Have you tried using backslashes?


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      That has to be the most stupid question I ever asked.


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        Heh. You can use the full path to the file, with backslashes as Wormbo pointed out. You can also use ut2003compress.


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          Or you can make your own
          C:\UT2004\system\ucc compress ..\uploads\*.*

          this is the line i wrote in text document .I then chose the "save as" option from the file list.i called it compression.bat(the . bat is main bit)
          this works a treat all you have to do is create a new directory(folder)inside the ut2004 folder ,i called mine "uploads"(hence the line in txt document)
          so anything you want to upload , you just copy and paste into the new directory and run the ms dos batch file it will compress anything in huh , nice compression tool.
          someone posted this a while ago i couldnt find link , but it helped me a load .hope it helps you


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            UT2003Compress features a GUI which is configurable to let you pick the files, compress them, and then immediately upload them to your redirect. That way, you don't try to compress ini, int, ogg, txt, ucl, readme files and such -- unless you deliberately do it thinking the files are needed (they aren't).

            Get it here: