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Instagib CTF with UTComp 1.6a, and normal guns visible?

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    Instagib CTF with UTComp 1.6a, and normal guns visible?

    Hey guys,

    As the topic says i run a dedicated server (latest update/patch) with more gametypes. (only default ones like tdm dm ctf instagib) (putted those on at webadmin game votingconfig)

    But when i vote for instagib ctf and level loads (faceclassic for example) i have the instagib shock rifle, but i see the normal guns as well.

    I can pick them up but they cant be used etc, also the thing under the gun on ground is gone (thats normal) but the normal guns should be gone as well. I also use AdminPlus 1.4 and anti tcc 118, so my question is, is this problem to be solved? Maybee i forgot something to disable at webadmin etc, I checked server packages for utcomp, anti tcc 118 and adminplus. And the server start up command is also fine, also in the log i cant find anything thats went wrong.

    I hope someone can help me.

    Many thanks in advance,


    I think it was an UTComp 1.6a issue.


      I run two types of CTF and Deatchmatch.
      One with all weapons, and one with only the Instagib.

      I do not use the Instagib CTF option, I set it up myself and players can vote from my pull down menus in the voting area which style they want.

      Also running UT Comp 1.6a, and no problems with weapons showing in an Instagib only match.

      Try setting it up that way in the web admin panel.

      You can lok to see how mine is setup, but we got our server password hacked sometime late Saturday night, and they entered via XPs Remote Desktop and took us down and changed our password on us.

      Server should be back up in a few days after a format and installation of games.


        here and here are similar problems.


          I'm running into the same exact problem as OP. Any idea what causes this?

          I've got UTComp1.7a and ATCC118 running.