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CTF Exploit Fix and Invasion

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    CTF Exploit Fix and Invasion

    Are there any other server admins out there who run invasion games from time to time?

    I noticed on my server that the CTFFlag Exploit Fix that epic put out a few weeks ago causes monsters in invasion to disappear shortly after they spawn into an invasion game.

    The issue goes away when the exploit fix serveractor is not running.

    Can someone confirm that this is not my setup in particular?


    Yes that is a known problem.

    The only way to combat that without dropping invasion or CTF would be to set your spectators to 0 and remove the CTFFix since they wont be able to do the exploit without being able to spectate.


      I posted that problem to the ut2004servers mailing list and no one replied to me, so I wasn't sure if I was the only one. Nor had I seen any issue about it before.

      Thanks for the reply!