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A little help with our server

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    Hey, we have the server running pretty good, and we would like some feedback if anyone would like to test it out.
    It is hosted on a OC3 connection out of the Westin hotel in Seattle, WA. where a lot of gaming servers are hosted at.

    I have it setup with standard Onslaught, Assault, and Invasion.
    Those also include mutators for big head and low gravity.

    Then I have two CTF and Team Death Match games.
    One of each for all weapons, big head, and low gravity.

    Then another two of CTF and TDM with the same mutators, but only the Instagib shock rifle, which is my favorite weapon.

    The IP is:

    On the same box is also a 64 slot of Battlefield 2.

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    Well if the other program was kicking up through a similar remote admin web page interface then you might just need to change the port that UT's webadmin runs from.

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    Thanks, he got it fixed today.
    It was a program that was set to run on his server to monitor the hard drive or something.
    The way he figured it out was that when the web admin page for UT would no longer load, this other page would pop up instead when you went to enter the username area.

    He took off the program, and now we can switch maps, game styles ect with no server crashes.

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    When you use the webadmin to change maps, and it crashes the server, check in the logs to see if it tells you what caused it to crash.
    Or post the last 30 or so lines in the servercrash.log and/or server.log files here.

    Changing maps or gametypes through webadmin has never made any of my server setups crash. It will give a message saying document contains no data because its switching maps but thats all it ever did for me.

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  • started a topic A little help with our server

    A little help with our server

    A friend of mine and I got the UT server up and running today.
    I had posted in the bad key post, but want a fresh post here since this topic is different.

    Problem we are having right now is when we use the web admin page.
    I got it setup to have various game styles with instagib only, and other same styles but with all weapons on.

    We can switch game and maps while in the actual game, but if I try to do that from my laptop running the admin page, while I am gaming from my desktop, it will crash the server.

    I or him then have to use Remote Desktop and access the main server the game is on, shut down runserver.bat which is running in the taskbar, then exe the runserver.bat file again.

    Do you know why it might be doing this?
    The server is running XP Pro.
    Also is there a way to add the game to WIndows Services so it will auto execute if the server ever gets rebooted?

    The same server is also running one 64 slot of Battlefield 2.

    Thanks, Corey