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Multiple dedicated linux servers

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    Multiple dedicated linux servers

    Hi there,

    I am trying to run multiple linux dedicated servers on a 3.2 ghz dual xeon server with 2.5 gb reg ecc ram. The linux version is Ubuntu.
    I have pathced my ut2004 version to 3355 and I can run a server. But once I start a new extra server the previous one is still connectable but gives ping N/A. Server logs tell me nothing. I use different ports like this: " server1:7720, server2:7721,etc"
    I use the following startupline:
    ./ucc-bin server DM-1on1-Irondust.ut2?AdminName=*****?AdminPassword=**** -log=sparren1.log -ini=sparren1.ini --nohomedir &1

    The plan is to have at least 10 servers for 16 people running on that 100mbit up/down line. But it would be nice if the servers where to be found with a ping in the server browser of ut2004.

    And yes webadmin is enabled "server1:81,server2:82,etc"

    When i tried to run more servers the moment i started server 3, server2 got disconnected.

    - Does any of this have to do with the gamespy port?
    - Is there a limit on the maximum amount of servers on machine can have on 1 ip adres?

    To sum it up I can create 2 servers where both are playable but 1 of the 2 gives ping N/A

    Please help if you have suggestions of good links for further help on this.

    BTW I am a linux newbie.
    And the server is not behind nat or a firewall.

    Thanks in advance.

    Just clear out the OldQueryPortNumber= before starting the server and you should be fine.

    Check which ports are bound with netstat -plunt


      Try spacing your server ports out. Leave at least a 12 port gap between each assignment. 7777 7789 and so on. You should be able to leave the Game Spy and Master Server ports alone.