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Bad bad key (loaded with spyware)

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    Never used the dedicated option on the Client version .. only the dedicated - only version


      Originally posted by CoreyT

      Here is a screenshot of it running on my desktop.

      that looks can do it that way if you need the GUI. I never use it anymore, but results should be same.


        My friend still wants to set this up, but I see Epic's key gen is still not working

        The site comes up, but when you submit your email, you never get it.
        What is up with that?




            Thanks, I sent it to him.
            Now he is having a tough time finding a new copy of the server setup file.

            Gamershell lists the file, but there is no hyperlink for it.
            We are finding some pretty old versions, but we wanna find the newest if we can.


              you want version 3339 ece bonuspack dedicated server 3355 has some unresolved issues there no benefits to using it on your client or server


                Thanks a lot.
                We are both DL'ing it.
                He is using remote desktop from home to DL it to his server he pays for, getting incredible speeds.

                It is taking him about 10 minutes to get the 800 or so MB file, which is pretty good.
                He says it is called an OC3 connection or something like that.

                He is going to try to set it up himself, but he may have trouble.
                He is wondering if you can set it up for some $$$.
                I could get your email from a PM here, and he would then correspond with you and give you the server account to set it up.
                He would have the server files, the reg file you posted here, and the two Community Bonus packs.

                He will try to set them up first, but he is not use to this.
                He can do BF2 though, as he already has that on the box.


                  Inputting the key into the registry is as simple as double clicking the .reg file. BUT, you need full admin access to the miachine to be able to do it. If not, ask your provider to do it for you.