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    Slow Demo playback

    I recently read up how to record demos, and now I can't stop writing them.

    as a way to get loads of guys at my college to get the game I went to write one demo as an AVI, it went black, said something that I couldn't read, then about half a second later (if that) went on to load the demo normally, but played back at a constant 1 fps. When I choose watch demo, it plays at normal speed.

    My first thought was "why is it playing it back to me, I told it to create an AVI, not play it back to me" but just in case it was writing it as it played back, I sat and watched it playing back at 1 FPS for 70 minutes - then it finished.

    Also when I tried to view the actual file it created, it said it had codecs missing, but couldn't download them. How could the codec be missing if it was coded on my machine?

    Any ideas? Please! I really wanna show them these demos, and show them what they're missing...

    The in-game avi converter uses dumpframes. This will mean it saves a frame and when its done it'll render the next frame.
    I think it uses the DviX codec.

    I recommend using Fraps to record some footage. Use a resolution like 600x800 or lower or else it'll stutter.