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    XP SP2 Firewall

    I have been playing UT2004 online since it came out and have had no problems but have always logged on with Administrator privileges.

    However I finally decided to "Practice what I preach" (I am an IT trainer) and create and use a non-Admin account (it helps mitigate against damage caused by mal-ware).
    As soon as I try to go online UT2004 tells me it cannot because the firewall is blocking it. However I can access the internet normally.
    If I log back in as admin the problem goes away.

    I would welcome any thoughts or suggestions.


    I know this is going to sound really stupid, but do you have a rule setup to allow UT2004.exe to connect?


      normally, there's a promp to let a program use internet or not (let it pass the firewall)
      in the firewall options, look in "exceptions" and add UT2004.exe if it isn't there.


        Thank you both for your input.

        When I log in as admin and check the exclusions UT2004 is there and it works.
        When you are not Admin you cannot even see the firewall tab.

        When I disable the XPSP2 firewall completely the non-Admin account works fine.

        TIA again


          I would strongly recommend you to use another Firewall!

          Also, it is quite strong, that the firewall is blocking UT because it only blocks incoming connections but ut shouldn't need one as long as you don't run a server :bulb:

          Not the "cleanest" solution but you could use "run as".