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-=Helpful Utility thread=-

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    -=Helpful Utility thread=-

    This thread lists helpful utilities that can aid you with ut2k4 when you have problems or help make managing Ut2k4 easier.

    Managing Tools
    Here are some helpful tools that can aid you in managing your game.

    Agent INI
    Description: UT2004 INI Editor / Profile Manager

    Basic UT2k4 cache manager
    Description: allows you to manage the cache where files are downloaded when you play online. It can move/copy files into your main folders so that you can play the maps offline, copy files from another users cache to save downloading over slow connections, remove failed downloads and old entries from the cache index and restore files back to the cache if a conflict occurs.

    spaz's UT2004 Registry Fixer
    Description: The purpose of it is to restore UT 2004 to a state like it was first installed.

    Ufont Material
    Description: UFontMaterial is a simple tool which allows you to import TrueType Fonts into UT2004

    Description: Umark is a little utility to help you doing benchmarks. UT2003 included some batch files already, however, UT2004 doesn't. It is also useful because it can compare and display the results as well. You can also save your results for later comparison

    Umod Browser
    Description: UMOD Browser helps you analyzing and unpacking the content of UMODs for almost all (if not all) Unreal Engine games released. It is very handy if your regkeys are broken and cannot open umods properly.

    Umod Wizard
    Description: The UMOD Wizard is a graphical user interface in order to help you with creating UMODs step by step. The current version allows you to easily manage several projects and to safely generate UMODs without breaking your manifest.ini.

    User.ini editor
    Description: Allows you to edit your key binds quick and easily

    Description: Unreal Tournament Advanced Configuration and Information Tool (ACIT) allows you to view/change several settings of UT2004 outside the game with a comfortable GUI.

    UT Package Tool
    Description: This tool helps you analyzing UT Packages as well as importing/exporting stuff.

    Ut2kX Regcheck
    Description: The major task of this tool is to add your CD-Key and UT2kx-path to the windows-registry (after a format, if you lost your registry or in other cases) additional you are able to view/change your CD-Key and your UT2kx-path in a simple and easy way.

    Description: UT2004Mi is a tool that can install or uninstall custom maps, mutators and skins you have downloaded for use in Unreal Tournament 2004™. These files are usually archived in a .zip or .rar format. UT2004Mi extracts the archive and copies the files inside to the correct UT2004 directories.

    Description: UZTool allows you to easily compress UT2004 packages to *.uz2 packages. It integrates itself as explorer shell extension, you can easily compress packages with the right mouse button.

    Mapping Tools
    Here are tools to aid you with your mapping/mutator making:

    Jafo's Bot manager
    Description: JaFO's Bot Manager (JBM) helps you to customize your bots. Features include installing new characters from either .zip-files or .ut4mods to the directories of your choice, creating a complete .zip and/or .ut4mod, creating the .upl-files for new characters, randomizing the appearance & skills for your new characters and much more.

    jamlander v3.01
    jamlander is a suite of plugins for 3dsmax to aid in developing maps for Unreal Tournament 2003/2004. With only a few clicks jamlander can export StaticMeshes, Brushes, Movers, Triggers and much more into UnrealEd, enabling users to harness the power of 3dsmax to build sophisticated and detailed maps while still having access to the powerful features of the Unreal Engine.

    allows you to record your personal evaluations of custom maps you have downloaded.

    description: this gives you extended control over your game by helping to manage the options that maps are invoked with. It allows you to easily personalise settings for each map, including Game Type, Mutators, Player Counts and Bot Skill.

    MarZer's Assault Mapping Tools
    Description: Allows you to force your own round time limit! Hooray! (finally someone did it) If the round time limit is set to anything other than 0, the map will force it's own limit.

    MarZer's DWeather Mapping utility
    Description: Allows you to give your map different weather effects.

    Description: MasctorX's sole function is to make the task of exporting animation & meshes from Maya to Unreal effecient and straight forward.

    Description: is designed to make viewing, evaluation, and fine-tuning of custom character models more versatile. It gives UT2004 content creators a wide variety of viewpoint controls (pan, tilt, dolly, zoom, and flying camera), as well as controls for viewing rag-doll actions and animation sequences, so that custom character models can be more thoroughly examined "in-game."

    if you ever found AIScripting to be really confusing, try out this graphical interface for UT2004.

    Description: UnCodeX is a utility which should help you when UnrealScripting. It has syntax highlighting support and a rich set of options to configure it to your needs. It can also generate HTML documentation for your UnrealScript code which is pretty handy if you want to publish your code online.

    Description: The Unreal ED Keyword Browser is a tool for users of Unreal Ed. The basic concept is simple – the application provides a keyword search to help level editors locate static meshes, textures, animations, or audio files.

    Description:Ushock allows you to view Unreal Engine Maps without UnrealED. It uses OpenGL.

    Description: WOTgreal is THE UnrealScript editing tool. It provides a rich toolset in order to help you coding your mod for UT2004 or any other UnrealEngine game. It can manage packages, has syntax highlighting, debug functions and even an image editor.

    Server Admins

    Redirect Server Checker
    Description: Redirect Server Checker (RSC) is a utility to help keep your redirect servers in synch with your game server. RSC will get a file list of your redirect (via http, ftp, or local file store) and compares it to files in a location you specify. If a file is missing (maps, textures, etc) on the redirect, RSC will compress them and move them to a user specified folder. Then you can move them where they need to go or let RSC ftp them to your server.

    Description: UnGateway is a system that provides additional methods for server admininstration. It's a base system that can easily be extended to support additional protocols

    UTAN - Unreal Trusted Admin Network
    Description: Basically its a free public system to store your UT2003/UT2004 GUID and IP server bans in such a way that they can be rolled out to all servers under your control automatically.

    Description: Enhances the voting system of ut2k4


    IRC Reporter
    Description: Sends match info to IRC chat rooms so users can follow a match that is playing in game.

    Description: An improved version of the built in local stat logger. Logs bots, all chat messages, and all pickups. Designed to be used with the UTStats DB

    Santaduck Toolpak 2k4
    Description: The Santaduck Toolpak contains more than Benchmarks, it has 7 fully standalone components

    UT2K4 Voice Packager
    Description: is a utility for quickly and easily creating voice packs for Unreal Tournament 2004. No more hassling with Unreal Ed following cryptic instructions that don't always work.

    Serverstatus PHP
    Description: a full-featured PHP-Class for querying UT-Servers and displaying the Results in a handsome Manner

    UT2004 Debug packages + Scripts + Impersonater Pack
    Description: These are the original *.uc source scripts and the UT2004 Debug Packages for version 3323. They're valuable when trying to do UnrealScripting.


    Know of a helpful program for ut2k4 not listed here? Post it below so it can be added to the list.

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        what about logigamer, would that be a useful utility?


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              Jafo's bot manager:



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                  Originally posted by [NBS]Flak

                  Jafo's bot manager:

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                    Originally posted by DeRR
                    So you have two programs listed that will manage cache, which one you like best for managing your cache??
                    one program manages the cache the other manages all ut2k4 files


                      JaFO's Botmanager is a pretty useful "Tool"

                      [edit] - hehe - I was a bit slow typing this. I see you have added the above.

                      BTW - your link to UT2K4 Voice Packager is the BETA Release thread.
                      There's a FULL Release thread for it now H E R E


                        hmmmm - spaz's UT2004 Registry Fixer requires that NET.Framework be installed on your system.

                        I installed NET.Framework once on my XP comp, found that things had been altered without my knowledge [ I'm a control freak when it comes to my computers/OSes ], and scrrubbed my XP and started again.
                        I will never put NET.Framework on any my comps, EVER.


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