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Why do maps always download again?

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    Why do maps always download again?

    I've been playing on one server for a while and played all of the maps on that site, but sometimes my Unreal Tournament 2003 will download the same map again. The server I play on does have special maps where the people are small playing in very big rooms but I've played all the maps many times before. Why does it sometimes download the maps again?

    Lemme help, posted from my clan forum, Check us out for even more cool stuff and downloads!

    :Cache Raper for UT & UT2003
    Whenever you play a custom level game from the internet, UT2003 caches it into a temporary directory.

    This program will take the map out of cache and enables you to play it from your map list.

    It also stops UT from deleting the file from your cache folder by permanently placing it on your hard drive.

    And thanks CTCR-TheCatcher for the helpfull program, it was kind of tedious doing it manually. "

    You GOT to love the "auto-select" feature... two button clicks and your done with everything in your cache in it's correct folder!


      IN your UT2003.ini there is a setting that will delete your cache every 90 days. If you set it to 0 it should stop that.


        Do either of you know how to make your character change every new map or after each death? I've seen some players change their skins....I like it.


          Originally posted by KaiRaene
          IN your UT2003.ini there is a setting that will delete your cache every 90 days. If you set it to 0 it should stop that.
          Only problem with this is that maps in your cache folder generally do not show up for offline play, i.e. "instant action." So if you want to play a map offline and practice it by yourself, it's unavailable.

          In the settings menu, you can change your player skin and you can change the bots to different skins, even skins you've downloaded.


            I wrote one of the best (IMHO) cache programs out.
            There are currently 11,000+ users of the version for UT and 8,000+ users of the version for UT2003

            There's a version for UT and one for UT2003.
            Both are available at

            UTCC2003 Screenshot:

            Here's a brief outline of what's included:
            1. Undo feature - now u can undo what UTCC2003 has done with files
            2. ZIP handling - UnZIP single or multiple ZIP files with screenshot view
            3. Never Move now has wildcard support (UTPure* means UTPureR5 and UTPureR6 are automatically included in the Never Move list)
            4. Check for updates from within UTCC
            5. Auto corrects downloaded maps with no file extension in the cache.ini (it does happen)
            6. A troubleshooting utility is included (UT Cache Cleaner Troubleshooter)
            7. Allows u to set the root UT directory (necessary only if u moved UT manually or didn't use the CD to install)
            8. The "File List" tab now shows date/time of the files and columns can be sorted (not perfect for dates, but kinda works)
            9. De-selects duplicate files automatically (prevents version conflicts)
            10. A very complete help file in compiled html format (CHM)

            Enjoy it!