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What sensativity/FoV do you use?

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  • What sensativity/FoV do you use?

    do you guys reccomend a low or high sensativity, and a low or high Field of View?

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    I recommed you find what works for you. Everyone plays at different sensitivities. As for FOV, I would suggest 90. Most people like it high.


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      He's right, everyone is different

      Generally, i use 90 for a FoV, but my sens. is at 4, which, according to a lot of people, is extremely high =P But it's what I'm comfortable with, so i like it =)


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        As for fov, I suggest you try 80, 100 and then something like 130 to see which one you like.

        It's whether you like seeing big targets that move all over your screen quickly (fov 80) or you like smaller targets that move rather slowly on your screen (fov 130).

        Higher fovs have quite a few advantages though. When fighting up close, it's almost impossible to lose your opponent period, and tasks like shooting rockets and driving the manta seem effortless. Higher fovs can be quite confusing at first (play with bots for a while) and long range shooting might be difficult. I think quite a few people play with high fovs, based on what I've seen.

        Low fovs are good for long range shooting, if you can keep track of your opponents quickly moving around and off your screen. Some people who are incredibly accurate have low fovs.

        I recommend a higher fov (100 to 130) due to it's enhanced visibility, super turning mouse speeds and being much less confused by enemy movements. Plus, you'll feel like you're going super quick and that gets your adrenalin pumping.

        The choice is yours, but once you make it, turn your attention to your crosshairs and mouse sensitivity.

        Good luck.


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          No players I know that I would consider good use around 90. I, myself used 85 in 2k3, and 90 in 2k4. My sensitivity is 0.75 on a MX510 with windows drivers, which is about 48 cm/360°.


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            As it's been said, higher FOV's give you a wider peripheral vision at the cost of the sides of your screen becoming slightly skewed (like a fish eye lens). Again, as was said, it also helps you when you're fighting people up close and personal. Me, I use 120 FOV... just a habit from my old quake days. Lower FOV's are good for 'sniping' as things in the distance will appear closer. So it depends on your play style as well.

            Sensitivity I stick with very low (1.25 to be exact). But whatever works for you, is what's best. Do you want to move your mouse an 1/8 of an inch to spin around 180 degrees, or move your mouse 6 inches to do a 180? I have to move my mouse about 3-4 inches to perform a 180 turn which is about to the end of my mouse pad so I do alot of picking up when I play (lifting the mouse off the pad to re-center it on the pad).

            I don't know what the consensus for UT is, but in the quake days, "pro" players always used high FOV's and low sensitivities. The logistics of it 'worked' for me, so I use them. But they might not for you. Just keep playing, and adjusting your settings and see what you like better (use weapon stats if you need to). For me, when I lowered my sens in Q3 my 'shaft' (think ut2k3/4 link secondary) accuracy went up big time, so I kept it low.

            Again, as pretty much everyone has said, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' when it comes to FOV and sensitivity. It's all a matter of personal preference.


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              sensitivity set at about 4.0 - 4.25

              as for the FOV 100 I noticed that someone posted where the FOV can go up past 100 how is that so mine stops at 100.


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                To set fov above 100, start a bot match in instant action, pull down the console, using your tilde key, looks like ~ (should be next to the key 1), type "fov 120", and hit enter (without the qutation marks, substitute the number for whatever you want).

                Apparently, you can go as high as 170, I've been there, I'd recommend it for a laugh, but nothing more.


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                  I use a FOV of 100 and sensitivity of 1.30, i really cant see how people can use sens of 4 or higher, i spin around 360 degrees with 1 slight movement of the mouse at that sens lol


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                    sens is dependant on your computer

                    one persons 1.0 might feel like another person's 4.0

                    fov however is fairly relative, i perfer high fov (100)

                    instead of asking what sens, ask how many cm for a 360


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                      sens = 1

                      fov = 100

                      does that make me a pro?


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                        How do you get your FOV above 100? I've tried the in-game options menu and if you go above 100, like say to 110 the game just sets it back to 100.

                        *EDIT - Thx gades! Guess I should of read all the posts before posting my message. Doh! But thx all the same because I'm an old school quaker who likes his FOV above 100


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                          Why not use two setups?

                          Sniping setup
                          Size of crosshair 0.35
                          Mouse sensitivity 1.000000
                          Field of view 80 (lowest value on most servers)
                          I have to move my mouse approximately 20 cm to do a 360 turn.

                          Close combat setup
                          Ssize of crosshair 0.5
                          Mouse sensitivity 2.000000
                          Field of view 100 (you get a good overview, but it’s still easy to aim)
                          I have to move my mouse approximately 8 cm to do a 360 turn.

                          You can switch between these setups in the Settings Menu. But it is a lot easier if you bind these settings to keys .That way you can swap between those two modes in no time. I use mousewheel up – sniping mode, mousewheel down – close combat mode.

                          MouseWheelDown=exec hud_combat.txt
                          MouseWheelUp=exec hud_snipe.txt

                          set Engine.HUD CrosshairScale 0.5
                          SetSensitivity 2.000000
                          fov 100

                          set Engine.HUD CrosshairScale 0.35
                          SetSensitivity 1.000000
                          fov 80

                          Best regards Troll


                          • #14
                            FOV 90

                            SENS 8.5


                            • #15
                              FOV 100

                              Sens 2.5