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Help Guide Regarding Patches, Updates, and Whatnot

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    Help Guide Regarding Patches, Updates, and Whatnot

    Hello, I need a bit of help regarding updating my game. I have the dvd version that came in the metal slipcase. I would like to update my game so that I can use the new vehicles and models and whatnot that I believe are in some bonus pack? Where do I find the bonus pack? Is it within a patch? Is the bonus pack multiple zipped files I download seperately from the patches and indeed, from each other? If they are seperate, when I get the bonus files, can I download the latest patch available, or do I have to kind of work my way up to that patch by downloading and installing previous patches first? Thankyou for reading and for your help, good day.

    Go there:


      The latest patch (and 2 maps for Win XP users) can be downloaded from

      Patches do NOT include maps or skins, and you do not need to install previous patches before installing the latest patch.

      For the ECE Bonus pack, you can download it from

      ** Note about installing the ECE Bonus pack. I think you have to install the latest patch first (since it was reported that you cannot install the ECE Bonus pack on a newly installed/unpatched UT2004. Earlier patched versions of UT2004 also need to be upgraded before you can use the ECE bonus pack - I forget to what patch version it actually has to be upgraded to... but I'm sure it's in the forum somewhere).

      For even more maps and skins, the UT community has been graced by the Community Bonus Packs 1 and 2. You can download those from

      Of course there are individual maps that you can download for UT, but you can find those if you do a search in planetunreal or beyondunreal (

      Hope that helps,


        Thankyou PsyLord, your answer seems like it will really help and I should be able to take it from there. I can't wait!