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new cars ect.!! question

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    new cars ect.!! question

    i dontloaded whole set of new cars and planes ect... for ut2004 but how can i play this ingame wud i need make my own maps with them in? i hope not!

    download the Car lancher muatator (search)
    you can summon wny vehicle, including the custom ones.


      Car Launcher

      There it is: Thread

      It rocks! :heart:


        where do i put the files when ive downloaded it?
        like ucl's go here etc etc



          Well, you could read the readme

          CL5 by Dave Smith

          Car Launcher 5 with Improved Vehicle Arena
          Version 5.4

          Copy all *.int, *.u, and *.ucl files into C:\UT2004\System (or whereever your UT2004 system directory is).
          If you're planning on running a server, add CL5-4 to your serverpackages in UT2004.ini.]

          CL5 Useage:
          (If you have changed your keybindings, use whatever key you have bound to SwitchWeapon 10 (the Translocator) instead of Q)
          Select the CL5 by pressing Q.
          Press Q again to select a vehicle.
          Fire to launch a beacon. When the beacon stops moving, the selected vehicle will be deployed automatically.
          Fire while the beacon is in the air manually deploys the vehicle.
          Alt-fire while the beacon is in the air manually deploys the vehicle and teleports you inside it.
          Alt-fire while there is no beacon teleports you inside the vehicle you last deployed.

          On ammo:
          Depending on the configuration, you may have a limited amount of ammo. If run out of ammo, the CL5 acts as a normal Translocator. Gain ammo by killing enemies without using a vehicle.

          On spamming:
          If a player dies, all of the vehicles they deployed except the one they were killed in are destroyed. So if someone's being a dumbass just kill 'em or kick 'em.

          To configure CL5, add it to the active mutators list. Then, press the "Configure Mutators" button.

          NOTE: Some vehicles cannot be entered manually. Teleport inside them with alt-fire instead.