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    Need a Clan

    Im New too UT2004 so i would Like to join a Clan can any one help me:alien:


    The way I joined my first clan was on a public server, works for some


      Thanks Man but most of the Clans im seeing on there are Kinda No0bish so i was hoping that a Good one would Reply on this Thread so i could join. well thanks any ways

      Peace Out


        I'm gonna be honest; outside of Onslaught (and VERY limited, at that), no good clans recruit from the INA Beginner's Discussion section. If you're looking for good TDM, you'd be better off going and finding players for one of them and pubbing w/ them (and owning them... that part is fairly essential ).

        Additionally - you didn't say where you are. Are you in UK? USA? Botswana? It makes quite a difference. What times are you available to play? Gametypes? Etc etc etc.




          join us!!!!


            As far as clans go... the easiest way is to find a clan run server, or ASK the guys with the tags about their clan.

            NOTE: Don't expect clan members to ask you, especially if you’re playing on another clan's server. It's considered extremely poor taste to try to recruit on another clans server, and in some cases will get you banned! Of course if someone asks another clan member about his or her clan, then that member isn't actively recruiting him or her and can answer freely. But don't expect more than a URL or IP from them.

            Some clans will add you to their ranks merely by asking for the tag, some clans will make you wait a really long time, some clans will even have you "try out" to see your skill level.

            You have to ask yourself what you’re looking for in a clan.

            If you want to be in a clan NOW! find one of those that accepts anyone that asks for membership, instantly.

            PRO's = Your in a clan!
            CON's = Your in a clan.. But so is everyone else(nothing special)!

            If you’re "all about the all costs" find one of those clans that focuses on winning instead of friendship.

            PRO's = Your clan is bad Azz!
            CON's = YOU may not be bad azz and don't get accepted!

            If your looking for a "happy medium" between winning and fellowship, find a place you like online, server wise, make yourself known on the server by playing there as a "regular". If they have a web page/forum...sign up and make yourself known there as well.

            Above all else, be patient! If your a server regular, have a good gaming attitude, believe me SOMEONE in the clan will notice you and mention you to the others! :noob:


              hi, im a member of DHS (department of home stupidity) its a really cool clan, ppl r nice and dont get mad at u cuz we play for fun most of the time.... check out our foums page here -


              and talk to plug_it_in, hes the one runnin the show


                Check out this one

                We're mostly an Australian Clan. You'll have to post that you want to join in the "joining" section. And then we test you .. or at least one of our members do.