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    Personal Training Programme

    Personal Training Programme

    For everyone who's interested:

    Chapter 1 - Introduction


    About the training programme:

    The first part of the "Personal Training Programme" (or PTP in short) is to describe the goal that we're going to achieve, and how we're going to achieve it.

    As you'll go along these training sessions, the best way to keep track of your personal evolution will be to write down your scores, and to record them into a spreadsheet or so. I've been doing this since the beginning, and I've already noticed a serious difference in my scores.

    Also, by putting your scores on the forum, we'll be able to see if other UFC members have done better than you or not; the purpose isn't to see who's the best or worst, it's simply to show that if someone can beat 9 GodLike bots on DM-Gael in instagib, then it's humanly possible to make it

    The Goal:

    Well, I guess that would be fraggin-a-lot.. but wouldn't that be to easy ? You could just be camping somewhere and snipe until someone notices you.. or you could also practice a lot, improve your skills and kick some serious ***..

    I've seen a lot of good players complaining about n00bs who where simply "stealing" frags, by staying away from real fight, and attacking some l33t player busy into another fight.. yeah, I know, that sucks, but we all faced it didn't we ? And yet, these n00bs score 20 frags and 25 deaths. When you're looking at matches with these results, it's easy to spot n00bs.. So, to avoid being treated as such, don't you think that 20 frags & 5 deaths would be much better ?

    There it is, you have it, being a good player is about killing a lot, and dying rarely, so the upcoming PTP Chapters will be about improving your skills to "Kill more" and "Die less".

    Who needs this ?

    Hmm.. lemme see.. any player wishing to improve his skills. If you've never played FPS before, I'd say you should at least try to finish the solo game in novice difficulty, and if you can't, I'm sorry, but I can't do anything for you. Learn the basics first, then come back here.

    Also, if you finish the game in godlike and already kick some major *** in DM, then I won't probably teach you anything either. On the other hand, if you're an average-good player who thinks there's room for improvement in your gameplay, then these tutorials are for you.

    In other words, I will not be teaching basic movements like strafing, or strafing in circle. You are expected to master these moves, and by mastery, I mean you can do them naturally, without even thinking that you have to do them.

    What it is:

    Each chapter will be about introducing a technique, adjusting it with several factors (like mutators), and submitting exercises in which you apply it. It's highly likely that we'll stack techniques on one another to test your skills even more, so that when you get back to real fighting conditions, you'll think "Doh! Too easy !!!"

    What it isn't:

    PTP starts with a 'P', as in 'P'ersonal, meaning that I'm not going to submit any team tactics; meaning also that you should do these trainings ALL ALONE first (or with bots, when I'll tell you), and not with real players. The reason for this is the stats; if you train with real players, their reaction will be different, and your stats will not be comparable to those of other players here.

    Other generalities:

    Your playing environment should be made optimal, make sure your mouse an keyboard are set so you feel comfortable while playing. Also check the Input settings, and change whatever you fell like changing. I personally set the in-game mouse sensitivity to 4.00 instead of 3.00, so that mouse responds a bit better.

    When I'll speak about skill levels, I won't use their full names (novice .. godlike), but rather their number (1 to 8) as this is much more obvious for everyone. Most players out there are level 4-5, I think that good players can easily reach level 6-7 with a bit of training (when I first installed UT, I was hardly level 4, now I can defeat bots in instagib level 7).

    Level 8 is for insanely good players, and as an extreme, I won't cover it in here. I suggest that you try it out only when you defeat level 7 exercises "fingers in the nose"

    In each chapter, I'll cover how you can use each particular skill to kill more, and to die less, both aspects having a natural impact on one another.

    Finally, please note that this is just my first attempt at gathering training information, which means that these tutorials will probably change/be improved with time. I'll be really happy to get your input on the various tutorials, and how you think they can be improved.

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      thanks for the info. some good points.


        I registered but only found what your wrote in this post.

        Only chapter 1 where is chapter 2? or was UsNst-Master right.


          Errmm... I just posted the whole part so nobody has to register...

          (posted the link so you can find it back and don't have to look for this topic)

          Part 2 is u.c.


            ahhh a teaser.