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    UT2004 Setting

    UT2004 Setting
    Can somebody help me with setting of UT2004 specially Display and input and hud.
    Or websits where I can find more information about it.

    I play most of the time CTF lowgrav, it work not so that it has to.
    I have good PC with P4 3.4ghz 6800 videocard 1024mb memory from Corsair with leds, P5p800 mobo, MX1000 mouse from logitec
    but de game (UT2004) running like a peace of sh....



    with those stats and a decent isp you shouldent be having any problems at all.

    Define how its running "like Sh...." is it poor framerates? or just bad online play?

    if it is framerate, what are you trying to run your resolution at? 1600x1200 At H.S. detail or something insane like that?
    that thread has a few suggestions for a 6600 card. similar to your 6800.

    For bad online play it could be any number of things, poor ISP, degraded hardware, or improperly configured Firewalls.

    cant find the link at the moment, but i had some firewall and router issues when i first installed, got major online improvements by searching around and finding what ports Ut2k4 uses, open these, 7777,7787,7788,8080, and 27900. Ill look around for the faq/link where i first found this info, but that worked for me.

    sorry i cant be more help, but you werent too specific.



      UT2004 setting

      Thx for information. I have speedtouch 510 multipc router. I use
      resulation 1024x768 .
      The biggest problem is deceleration of mous shoot or clik in the game. The other problem is that I mis the connection when i'm playing, sometimes sudenly the game stop.
      And about ports, how can i check it or open it ? via router or in windows I have 2 do it. I have Win XP pro running.

      Thanks a lot for u'r help.