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Whats the best geforce 6800 gt out?

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    Whats the best geforce 6800 gt out?

    Whats the best Geforce 6800 GT out there?

    Is there anything new on the horizon? like the 6900? I know about the 6800 ultra, talking newer

    As far as i know, there aren't any new NVIDIA cards coming out, in terms of top end for a couple months at least.

    The best 6800GT is either the BFG 6800GT OC, or whatever Gainward you can find.

    NVIDIA will probably come out with a new card as soon as game makers start making extensive use of SM3.0. The new NVIDIA cards currently support this, but ATI cards don't, only up to SM2.0.

    Of course, by that time, ATI will have SM3.0 to keep up with the games, and NVIDIA will need a new card to prevent being stomped.