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Forum like this one for Counter-Strike Source?

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    Forum like this one for Counter-Strike Source?

    As a long time player of UT2003 and UT2004 this forum is great. I could find everything I need when started out and as I gained experience.

    Just bought Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source and wanted to learn CS. I spent several hours playing CS last night but got severly owned.

    I've tried googling all kinds of combinations for "counter-strike source" tutorial, beginner, learning, getting started, etc. Usually what comes up are links about map making or modding. I just want to learn the basics of the f-ing game first!

    Is there a forum like this one for CS?

    ..............[too many "." removed by cigawoot].......

    You might want to try the Steam Forums

    Just FYI :bulb:


      I was just performing the same search myself!
      It apears that there are no CSS forums as good or big as this one.


        This is an Atari forum. Not a Valve forum. Atari publishes UT2004. Atari does not publish CS:S. CS:S is a competing product. Atari would be stupid to put up a forum for a competetor's product...


          Play Frag Ops instead - it's like CS without the *****es :up:


            Or Strike Force, that one is also good.


              the best way to get good is practice with snipers. Thats how i got good


                In what way does that help?

                And, do you mean practice with snipers on your team, or practice against teams that are full of snipers?


                  i mean practice with snipers killing the orther team duh

                  if you didnt know im retarded and dont know why im said any of that:bulb:


                    I've tried to get in CS:S but..

                    1. No manual with HL2 (Fair enough thats what the web is for)

                    2. No decent forums as you say... nowhere near the standard of this one

                    3. The official webiste refers to CS 1.6 WTF!!

                    4. Its pants anyway, I gave it my best shot but it just seems so shallow compared to ut2k4

                    5. No dodge jumps (kiddin of course that would be stupid)


                      The steampowered forums are deadly. Try


                      There are a lot of nice people there who will help you out.

                      I'll try to provide some quick tips to get you started.

                      1. When your enemy doesn't see you, stop in your tracks and crouch. This increases your accuracy.

                      2. Fire in quick bursts if you are using an automatic. Your crosshair won't move around much, but the recoil is powerful enough to ruin what would otherwise be an easy kill.

                      3. Before you join a server, ghost around the map in spectator mode to get a feel for the map and the people playing it. Jumping in blind and getting owned when you don't know what to expect will do nothing but lower your self-esteem.

                      4. Customize controls to your liking. Pick what is most comfortable to you.

                      5. CS is nothing like UT. The two are both FPSs, but that is where the similarities stop. CS is a slower, more realistic, team-oriented shooter.

                      6. If your aim goes astray, go pistols-only for a few rounds to steady it again.

                      7. Flashbangs are much more effective then they were in 1.6. Not only are they cheaper than frags, but they usually get you more easy kills.

                      8. Avoid using the AWP (Magnum sniper rifle) or the autosnipe. It ****** people off.