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Voice chat, is it worth it?

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    i only use foice chat when im playing with a friend in a private server


      Originally posted by MonkeyMan123
      Sorry buddy, not everybody is like you, talking 32 pills of specially mixed ****** and laxatives for breakfast.
      Yeah, the truth hurts, but you'll get over it.
      hahah, coming from someone who doesn't need chemical encouragement to spurt forth a stream of fresh, hot, steamy bs.

      It may look like a nutty chocolate treat but it'll leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.


        Originally posted by DXII][Smedley
        i agree that it is invaluable in clan games ( or any game where peeps know what they're doing...)

        Has anyone seen a typeboard bind that will send messages like: "hold, on. I'm at [insert map location] I'm on my way." ?
        You might ask some of the NBS members such as cakey and fatbastard about that, as i have seen them use it before, problem is not all maps have multiple "sectors" within the map where the person can say they are.