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    Hosting a game

    I have a few broadband friends and we'd like to setup our own game. I've tried to create the game on a listening server and while I obviously enter the game straight away. Everyone else searches for the game on the sever list, they can find it but can't enter it. It just has the black screen with connecting in the middle. After a few minutes this occasionally comes up as connection failed.

    I also tried creating a dedicated server and then entering this I get the same thing. I am connecting to the internet via a router but apart from this I am a newbie! Any idea whats wrong?


    1) welcome

    2) use the search

    you've got a firewall? friends got firewalls ?
    no background programs...


      The most probably, is that your ISP is using NAT with your connection, that means, your machine cant create servers (of any kind), unless you:
      1) Port Forward, from your router.
      2) Create a VPN with your friends.
      3) Talk to the ISP about that.

      p.d. ISP = Internet Service Provider, NAT = Network Address Translation, VPN = Virtual Private Network. Try searching in google for more information about that topics.