Hi everyone,

For anyone close to Australia who is struggling with high pings, i have started a 'Listen Server' (so i can play at the same time on my PC). I have started with 'Capture The Flag' and have chosen the following maps at the moment: *Face Classic
*Bridge Of Fate

Ip Address: (Devilracerfan's Big Headed Bash)

If anyone would to contact me and request different maps or game types please email me on:


* I have also downloaded the 'Community Bonus Pack No.2' which has new maps, music, characters & mutators.

I like to add a few mutators like: Big Heads, Lightning Guns instead of Sniper Rifles, and Slow Motion Corpses (nothing too out of the ordinary) BUT THESE DO TAKE ME OFF THE STANDARD MASTER SERVER LIST WHICH MAKES ME INVISIBLE TO ALOT OF PLAYERS!

Regards, Jason.