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Newbie Question: how do I use mods?

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    Newbie Question: how do I use mods?

    Hi everyone.

    This is the first FPS game that I have bought for my PC.

    I got this game based on my positive experience from its demo.

    I'm used to playing MMO-RPGs and games like Morrowind. And I am familar with the concept of modding and I have used and made mods before but I need help?

    I know for many of you seasoned Unreal players you already know the answer to this question.

    But here goes, please give me step by step instructions on how to install mods. I have downloaded new skins, models and maps but I can't get access to this content in the game. I placed them in the root directory for UT2004 but noting happens.

    Please don't flame me this is an honest question have looked but I haven't found a good explanation of doings this or what I maybe doing wrong.

    Thank you in advance.

    You have to put the files in the correct floders.Look at the extentions, utx is textures, usx is staticMeshes and so on. If its a umod, right click install.


      In general, mods will come in one of two flavors; either a zip file or a umod file. The umod file you should just be able to double click and it will install automatically. Zip files you can usually unzip directly to the UT2004 folder but be sure to look at the file's contents beforehand to make sure they have the correct folder structure; also, be sure that you do not copy the file paths when unzipping as this will create folders within folders.

      As Kronos noted, files go in specific folders and you can tell by the file extension.

      As for playing the mods, some are accessible through normal single player or multiplayer, others you will want to go to "Community" on the main menu to play the mod. In Community you will see a tab for User Mods where you can start the mod and play.

      Additionally, some mods place a link in the Start menu while others have a bat file that you can double click on or create a shortcut for. Most mods come with a readme.txt file that you might want to look through for more specific install and play instructions.


        Thank you Wombat and Kronos. Your answers are insightful and polite.

        I got a chance to play in a player created map and play with a different skin too.

        This would be a nice post for us newbies to read.