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Need a clan? or want to get better?

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    Need a clan? or want to get better?

    Contract Killers is a ut2004 clan which plays the game Rise of Nations , but now we are opening it up for UT2004.

    We are a small clan, we want more members to help make CK a bigger place but we arent getting a lot of requests.

    We only have a few UT members, but the members we have are pretty good at ut. I wouldnt class myself as an expert, far from it but I am pretty good. is our site, we also help people get better. So if you're interested in joining _ck_ or you want to get better at ut2004, post on our forum and we try and help.

    If you just want general information about the game, there are lots of useful sites out, but i made a ut site for a college project which might help anyone with questions

    We got one person who we are helping now, he is a total beginner, and we are helping him get better. Any more?


      where are u located.....i am looking to improve dm skills etc.....

      EDIT: oops found it on your site....hehe
      so what do i need to do to get some training


        Hi there.

        I am looking to improve my DM skills to but i know enough to help many people.

        I am from England, and my clan friend is called _ck_Shadow, he is from the US. Our skills are almost identical. Since we are the only 2 active UT members on CK, we can help you get better.

        We are happy to give you tips, we enjoy helping others, its a nice feeling when you help someone. Anyway how long have you been playing UT for? what first person shooter experience do you have?

        Post on our forum, leave details like email address, ut name etc and we can arrange a game. All the ck go on MSN Messenger, so if you have an email for that, that is the best way to contact us.

        my msn email is

        shadows is


          i just played a clan match with Killers.....was it you

          if not id say to change the way you spell the name....since alot of people have that as a clan name


            clan match? no not us, we dont have enough members to get into clan matches, only 4 or 5 so far.

            our clan tag is _ck_ and not [CK]


              Our website is offline, im not sure when it will come back but our forum is always online so for anyone else please post on our forum at


                just posted have a look