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    Tips for improving your UT skills

    My Tips for Improving - Parts I, II, and III (Setup, Pre-Game, and the Basics)

    I am quite bored today, and thought why not make a list of my random tips! These tips are aimed at the beginner to intermediate player, but even if you are a veteran you may find something useful. These may work for you, and they may not. Just be open minded and hopefully atleast one will be useful to you. None of these tips is absolutely necessary, but each is useful in its own way. Check back later for more of part IV, where I will try and pour out my knowledge on 1v1 (my area of expertise). This is a work in progress, and most areas will probably be expanded.

    Part I -- Setup -- Losing before you start

    A consistent and effective setup is crucial for becoming a better player ingame.

    1) Ergonomics
    The most important aspect of your setup is ergonomics. Not only does it keep you from injuring yourself, but it will also improve the consistency of your play. Many of these suggestions will mirror the myriad of sites which promote proper ergonomics for simply using the computer. The mouse should be comfortable in your hand, your headphones shouldn't cause soreness or headaches after extended use. If you feel any pain when gaming --- something is wrong and you should stop playing or fix it. The following are suggestions for improving the ergonomics of your playing area.

    a) Place the top of your monitor at eye level.

    b) Always play with your back straight.

    c) Keep your feet flat on the ground.

    d) Keep your neck straight, never put your monitor to the side if you can at all avoid it as it will cause strain in just a few minutes of playing.

    d) Make as many right angles as possible. Your elbows and thighs should be parellel with the floor, and your legs and forearms should be at a perpendicular to them. This may mean adjusting the height of your chair, or even possibly your desk(if it is an option).

    e) Get hardware which is comfortable, it is worth the $40 dollars to get a new mouse if necessary if it is causing you ANY pain. A permanent injury is not worth saving a few dollars.

    2) Key Bindings and Mouse Setup
    Binding your keys can really give you a leg up in your playing. However, the key is not fancy aliases or pipedweaponswitches. The key is simply to have the keys become second nature, and also to be able to hit the most crucial of keys with the least effort.

    a) Bind individual keys to a weapon. As much as you may hate it, or it may be unnatural to you if you use the mousewheel to change weapons. The freedom you are given by being able to select any weapon instantly is crucial. Yes, some players (including myself for a long time) can be succesful using a mousewheel, but individual binds are nonetheless the way to go.

    b) Always place your most crucial weapons or functions within reach of your left/right movement fingers. You don't want to be having to let go of your forward/backward key to switch a weapon. In the case of ASDW, atleast for me, the most easily accessible keys are QEFZRC4 while I avoid using keys like 123. Don't neglect your mouse keys, but also don't overuse them. If you can't hit them without moving your mouse even 1 pixel on the screen... don't use them.

    c) Sensitivity is a personal choice -- however be reasonable in your choices. At 400DPI I would suggest having a sensitivity of 10cm/360 or less. The reason for this is the loss of accuracy beyond this, not physically but hardware wise. You can however be succesful at any accuracy with proper reactions. The better your reactions, the higher you can safely set your sensitivity. If you believe you have poor reactions, you may be more succesful with a lower sensitivity. However, a low sensitivity with great reactions, will be only a hindrance. Don't use a different sensitivity for each weapon.

    d) Leave space for a push to talk key! Even if you don't use it now. You probably will at some point if you play team games at all. Leave a space for it!

    e) And, most importantly. Once you have a binding setup you like ...*DON'T* change it.

    For the record, my keybindings are as follows --

    q=Shield Gun
    1=AR (never hit it)
    mWheelUp=Rocket Launcher
    MiddleMouse=Push To Talk

    I am quite happy with this layout, but were I to change any one thing now, it would be to move my mini away from 3 as it requires me to let go of my forward key. I would move it to the z or c key.

    3) Video and Monitor
    The monitor is often overlocked as a component where changes can be made. However, it is your most used gateway into the game... and is also one of the most important for consistent play.

    a) ALWAYS center the viewable area of the monitor along the sides of your monitor, and orient it as close to horizontal as possible. In the case of a CRT, this may be quite a lot of work if you have an old monitor with relatively few adjustment settings.

    b) Select a resolution that will allow you to get decent frames per second, as well as a decent refreshrate. A refresh rate of 100 is sually good enough for UT2K4, and on most 19" monitors this will allow you to play at 1024x768 if you so desire.

    4) Ingame Setup
    Most settings will not matter, however a few are quite important towards consistent play.

    a) Force Model. While many people dislike using forcemodel because it reduces variety, it is crucial in order to get a consistent reaction towards a player appearing.

    b) Caronas. Turn these off. Some would argue that this can allow another area to illicit a reaction to position, however in my experience... position is enough and caronas cause nothing more but confusion.

    c) Texture Detail. This DOESN'T matter. It is a myth that lower texture detail makes playing easier with the exception of better FPS... play where you feel comfortable. If it makes you happier playing with higher texture detial as it does me, keep it that way.

    d) World Detail. Turn this to low -- this is necessary because certain maps will have objects which are fake that show at high world detail. You don't want to have your view blocked by fake objects.

    e) Dynamic Lighting. Turn this on. It will make seeing certain projectiles easier, and causes little fps loss in my experience.

    f) Foliage. Turn it off. Much like high world detail, it is a fake object.

    g) Player Hightlighting. Turn it on. Why play without it when the server has it on?

    h) Automatic Weapon Switch on Pickup. Turn this off... this is absolutely the most crucial setting to disable. It may be more convenient, but with time you will get used to individual weapon bids, and this setting will be nothing but a hindrance.

    i) Weapon bob. Turn it off. This is a fake effect, the aim does not actually bob. So, much like world detail, it is nothing but a hindrance.

    j) Landing viewshake. Keep it on. Why? Beacuse, unlike bobbing, this effect is REAL, whether or not you have it turned off client side. If you turn it off, the server will think you are aiming further down than you are upon landing.

    k) Crosshair. Select a crosshair that has a clear center mark. Dot and Cross are most suited for this with default crosshairs. The size should be minimal, and as uncluttered as possible(see some of the square and circle crosshairs for examples of exactly what *NOT* to use). Think of the crosshair as merely an aid, not what you aim with. You won't want to see it all the time, just when you need it. Color is not important, and opacity 200-255 is recommended since your crosshair will already be small and will have some built in opacity due to the downsizing of the texture.

    l) Model selection. If you choose NOT to forcemodel, or are on an older patch where forcemodel doesn't force you to use the character you forcemodel to.... Select any model which is not Gorge or Gorge-Like. The reason for this is that most people will either have no forcemodel, or forcemodel to Gorge. Therefore, the only way you will be able to have a model which does not fit a forcemodel is not simply use non-gorge. The reason this matters is that headshots are based off the skeletal model of your specific character. Therefore, it is better to have any model except for gorge as to make headshots harder for your opponent(assuming they are aiming for the head). My own testing has shown the robot race to be most unlike the gorge skeletal model, however the difference was so minimal it may very well be my imagination

    m) Weapon View. Set this to Hidden or Centered. Many people will find left/right to be more comfortable, however there is a disadvantage to using this type of view. This disadvantage is that shots will actually come out slightly off-center when using left/right orientation. For example, if you line up directly against a wall and place your crosshair immediately to one side of the wall, you will be able to fire a shock ball down a hallway on hidden/centered, while you will be unable to on left/right. This affects all weapons.

    5) Hardware
    Hardware(outside of your actual PC specs), more or less, doesn't matter. Use any mousepad you feel comfortable with, and use any monitor you feel comfortable with. However, following these guidelines will yield the best results.

    a) Mouse -- Get a mouse which will work on USB if at all possible. If you play with low sensitivity, stick to the Intellimouse 1.1, Intellimouse Explorer 3.0/4.0, or MX-Series mouse. If not, any mouse should do. I haven't used the new MX700/MX1000, however, outside of those 2, I can safely say that you should avoid wireless as it has a definite lag.

    b) Keyboard -- The most important aspect of a keyboard is comfort. The second most important is "Dead keys". What I mean by this is -- certain keyboards will not work with certain combinations of keypresses. For example, you cant hit W and E at the same time on some keyboards. This will really be bad if you bind a weapon switch to E as you can't continue hitting forward on a standard ASDW configuration. I personally use a Logitech Elite, and I have never experienced a dead key in-game without using both hands to accomplish it.

    c) Monitor -- Size is of limited concern, although the larger the monitor, the further back you will most likely have to sit. Refreshrates should be able to go to 100 on the resolution you plan on playing at. If you are going to an LCD for space or normal usage, look for low response times. In my experience, the response times actually listed are often very varied to actual performance. Trying one if at all possible prior to purchase is highly recommended.

    d) HeadPhones -- If you plan on lanning, closed headphones are definitely a plus to get rid of the noise(I use the sennheiser HD280). If you aren't planning on going to lans or another high noise enviroment, you can safely use any headphones which are stereo. I am actually quite partial to the el' cheapo headphones that came with ut2k4 SE

    e) MousePad -- Get a mousepad which is sized appropriately for your sensitivity. Shoot for atleast 1 full 360 on your pad from end to end. This will allow you to do a 180 from the center of your pad, where you will be setting up most of the time. The type of pad, beyond size however, is not of much consequence. Slick, rough, smooth... it is all just preference, and habit.

    f) Mouse Cord -- Anchor your mouse cord in some way. This can be under a monitor (although beware of cutting though the wires sheath), a Mouse Bungee, or a WireWeight ( or any number of things. Whatever you do, just don't let it hang off the back of your desk dragging each time you move =D

    g) Chair -- Avoid chairs with overly high(non adjustable) arm rests that will force you to put your chair too low.

    6) Out of Game Software Setup

    a) Turn off the Messenger Service. If you don't know how to do this, simply go to the control panel --> administrative tools --> service --> messenger and disable it. This will get rid of the annoying popup messages on winXP/2k that can happen.

    b) Mouse Drivers -- Do not install logitech mouseware unless you plan on using 800DPI with a high sensitivity. You won't need the extra binds if you follow what was mentioned above, and your sensitivty will not randomly change. I am unaware of the advantages of intellimouse as I never noticed any difference from one to another.

    c) If you are on windows XP, install the winXP accel fix. You can get the .reg file at if you don't know where to get it. This doesn't matter in UT2K4 unless you install the logitech/intellimouse drivers as unreal simply ignores the normal windows settings, however for other games it will still matter.

    Part II -- Before The Game -- Prepare for battle

    Preparing to play can affect your play for that session, as well as what you learn. Most of this applies mostly to at a LAN or before a big game online... but preparing fully can improve your everyday practice as well.

    1) Prepare your body
    Being ready physcially is almost as important as being ready mentally to compete. It is very difficult to take the preperation one really should to start playing the game, as most of us just want to get in game and frag!

    a) Wash your hands before you play. While it may seem trivial, you will never get a consistent feel each time you play unless you have the same grip on your mouse. Chances are you have been out going to class or working all day, and your hands are pretty grimy.

    b) Stretching before you play can really help. You don't want to be distracted by a sore muscle as you play the game. This follows the same logic as following proper ergonomics with your playing area.

    c) Regulate your temperature. If you have been out all day in the cold, and have just come in. Don't forget to take off a layer or two of clothing. Being distracted by being too hot or cold is just a waste. Take care of it *BEFORE* you start, not after or during. You will get a lot more out of your gaming if you do.

    d) Eating is a tough one. Many would argue that it is best to eat directly prior to a match, but in my experience, it is best if you eat an hour or two prior to playing as to avoid being a tad sluggish digesting. Of course this only really applies to big matches, food is too important to change for everyday gaming!

    2) Prepare your mind
    Before you start a session, you should prepare for it mentally as well.

    a) Remember your last session. How did you die? What weapon was it? What was most memorable? If you answer "I don't remember", you aren't getting practicing right. Imagine what you could do differently this time if you are put in the same situation. Make that the goal in the back of your mind. If you have to say it out loud -- go ahead and do it.

    b) If you are the type of person that needs a warmup to get ready to play. Do it versus bots if at all possible. Playing versus a normal player to warm up just produces negative feedback that you may or may not wish to remember.

    c) Don't think about repeating the mistakes you remember, think about improving them and emulating what you have done right. Think about what you can do right, and what you have done right. Remember the moments that just wanted to make you jump out of your chair because it was so amazing for you. Whether that was the time you won your first pub game, or when you won your last tournament, it is important to remember your successes.

    d) Relax, but don't go overboard. If you are excited, you want to tone that down, but you don't want to fall asleep at the keyboard. Listening to active music usually does this for me. It takes my mind off the day, but doesn't send me into a coma. Excitement makes every mistake seem more intense, and you don't want that. You want to remember the most important things, and leave the rest behind.

    3) Selecting a Game
    Selecting the proper people to play is crucial to improving your game.

    a) If it is your first times playing, nothing beats a public server. Don't buy the hype that pubs are worthless. Avoid onslaught if your goal is better frag skills. It is amazing how fast the crutch of vehicles can hurt your DM skills

    b) Try and play people similar to your skill. You don't want to be winning the pub every time, and you don't want to taking last every time... you want to be fighting for the top. As always, there will be varying skill in any pub, but if you are clearly outclassed -- or are outclassing the competition, it is best for you and your competition to find somewhere else to play.

    c) Find your buddies. The best way to make sure you are in a game of your skill is to make a list of buddies. If someone beats you by just a tad, or loses to you just by a tad for a few games in a row, add them to your buddy list and look for them when you go to find a game. You will have to update this as you improve, but there is no better way to find appropriate games.

    d) If you have reached the point where you are winning nearly every pub you go into, it may be time to move on. You may need to start making friends to duel with or pub with. I would suggest against using IM software to do this. IRC ( for a client) is generally the standard due to its "chat room" qualities. There is probably a pickup channel for your gametype and geographical area. It may take a little work to find out where they are -- but they almost certainly exist.

    e) Use the same guidelines as above if you are winning most of your pub games. Don't duel or pub privately with players who you beat consistently, but also don't shoot too high. I often get players who want to play just to be beaten severely. Don't kid yourself -- being beaten horribly doesn't improve your game... it just frustrates you.

    f) Use the filters!. You probably don't want to be playing on QuadJump 1.35 gamespeed if you are used to playing on standard servers. Filter out the servers that don't meet your requirements or you will end up in bad game after bad game for improvement. If you haven't done so -- uncheck the "only standard servers" checkbox which is in the lower left hand corner of the browser and simply use your own filters to find appropriate servers.

    Part III -- The Basics(work in progress) ---

    These suggestions should apply to all gametypes. I primarily played 1v1 and TDM in ut2k3, and a bit in ut2k4. So, take these suggestions with that in mind.

    1) Movement
    Movement is a very difficult subject to touch on, to begin, lets start with the very simplest of things you should keep in mind and move on from there. The number one thing to improve your movement is to think about your movement when you are playing. It is easy to simply go with the flow, but you need to break it down if you want to fix your imperfections.

    a) Always keep in mind what way your crosshair is moving, relative to the way you are moving relative to the gameworld. Try and develop a natural connection between the 2 hands, when you hit your left movement button, you should be able to move your mouse to the right without thinking.

    b) When you dodge, you will ALWAYS dodge at an angle to where you are facing. If you want an idea of the angle you should facing when you dodge, do a right dodge-jump, and let go of your 'up' key immediately as you lift off the ground. Note how far to the right you are. Now, face to that angle, and dodge to your left and you will go perfectly straight. Eventually this should become second nature, but it never hurts to get a concrete understanding of what you are doing.

    c) Learn to move backards. Moving backwards through a map allows you to fire on your opponent without needing to turn back and forth as you move. This is especially important if you have a lower sensitivity. However, even if you hae a high sensitivity, you should learn to move through the maps backwards.

    d) Normal Dodges -- Use normal dodges whenever you are up against someone using a histcan weapon, and especially when you yourself are using a hitscan weapon as well. just do them randomly along with your sidestepping left/right. Other than this, there is almost no point in doing a regular dodge. A nasty habit many fall prey to is to always dodge in the opposite direction of movement. Don't do it.

    e) Dodge-Jumps -- Dodge jumps should be your main method of movement about the map when not engaged in a fight. You should be using them almost all the time when not engaged. However, when you get into a fight, don't use them without a good reason. The only reasons to use a dodge jump in a fight are to get close for a spam weapon, to avoid a spam weapon, or to run away. NEVER EVER EVER use them in a hitscan fight.

    f) Double-Jumps -- Double jump when up close and using spam weapons such as the rocket and the flak. However, use them sparingly. Don't be the guy who just goes around the server jumping up/down for easy hitscan. However, do be the guy who is a pain in the *** to hit up close because you are double jumping when close to people.

    g) Running. When running, always know where you are going. If there is an elevator that you know you can't be followed on, or a corner where you know you have a very large fighting edge. You should be keeping this in mind at all times. If you are using the shieldgun, avoid dodge-jumping unless you are certain you can maintain your crosshairs position on your opponent.

    2) Aiming
    Aiming is mostly a learned action, and is largely a personal experience. However, a few rules can always be followed.

    a) Don't fire until you are ready. It is worth taking an extra half second, or even more to line up a shot if you know you can hit it. Don't just follow your instincts unless you are extremely confident in your abilities.

    b) Don't trace when you can wait. Don't trace a player with your mouse unless you have to. If you know, or even suspect, a player is going for a pickup, place your crosshair at the pickup and wait. As long as you can move and maintain your crosshairt on that position consistenly, you lose nothing by simply waiting.

    c) When using spam weapons up close, aim for a spot approximately one-half to one body heights behind the targets feet. Do *NOT* aim for the feet, and do not aim for the body. Don't try and think about "where they will dodge". Just fire them behind their feet. The natural reaction of any player is to dodge backwards when confronted with spam weapons.

    d) When using the shieldgun, aim your crosshair at your opponents crotch. This will prevent headshots and normal hits as well as any unintended splash damage from the floor.

    e) Don't second guess your spam. Just let it go. Don't think.

    3) "Timing"
    I use this term with the utmost apprehension. Timing in unreal is barebones simple. But, keep the following in mind.

    a) All items un unreal spawn at multiplies of ~27.5 seconds (this isn't exact but its what you should work off of). This means that items like the 50 armor and weapons spawn in 27.5 seconds, the 100a armor in 55, and the amp in about 81.5(or about 1 minute 21).

    b) Remember where you were 27 seconds ago. Remember what you took, remember what your enemy took. You do not have to look at the clock if you know what you took 27 seconds ago, and how much later you took your armors. This inuitive feel will be the basis of 'timing'. If you are in a pub, feel free to just run in a 27 second circle, going to the main items.

    c) Remember how many cycles you have gone through. You do not need to remember the specifics, juts how many times 27 seconds has passed.

    d) If you are in a public server, or even perhaps in TDM, if you can, remember the exact time of the larger items. I will explain why this is not necessarily wanted in 1v1 and tdm later.

    e) For the larger items such as 100a and amp, you can remember times as a "how much after the start was this picked up". For example, if you estimate that the 100a was only up for 10 seconds so far, and the time left on the clock is 10:00 on a 15 minute game, you can estimate that the next 100 will spawn at 9:20 whether or not you knew the last time.

    4) Weapon Selection
    Trust your instincts. There is no one correct weapon selection. The first rule of weapon selection is, don't think about weapon selection. The second rule of weapon selection is, don't think about weapon selection.

    Part IV -- GameType Specific Suggestions ---

    Deathmatch is the most common of modes, and one of the easiest to master.

    1) Prey Selection
    a) Always go after the weakest targets whenever available, even if this means ignoring someone pelting on you with a flak cannon. This may mean either a particularly weak player skillwise, or healthwise.
    b) Don't be afraid to back off of someone who is better than you skillwise, or has a lot of armor. Getting points, not winning battles is what matters in deathmatch, and you don't have to be a good fragger to win.

    2) Spam
    a) If you can afford it, spam. This means firing instantly with your assault rifle secondary as you spawn. This means firing some link primary balls down a long hallway if there is nowhere around. Don't ever stop spamming if you are not engaged. Try and use high rate of fire weapons to spam so you aren't left defenseless.
    b) Always spam towards high traffic areas. This may be a specific weapon powerup, or even just a random spot where there are a lot of people.

    3) Hot Spots
    Even if you are dying a lot, it is worthwhile to go near highly populated spots. However, distance yourself from the pile. Try and be the guy standing on the platform above 3 people fighting with assault rifles, not the one spammed with a combo in the pile. Always be aware of the traffic of the other players.

    An example of a very common 'hot spot' is the shock spawn on dm-rankin. Don't be the guy rushing into a combo in the face on the pickup. Be the guy sitting off to the side, watching the gibs fly.

    4) Armor
    If the player count is low, you will probably want to pick up armor. However, if you are getting in a fight every 15 seconds, don't bother. Just focus on the Double Damage and weapons.

    5) Knowing When To Run
    Keep in mind that in dm, your main source of power comes from your weapons, not your ehalth.

    a)If you have no, or only 1 weapon. Never run.... always fight it out for the hope of a last second kill.

    b) If you have 2 or more weapons, you will probably want to run if it is very clear you won't win a fight.

    c) Never run when you have the amp.

    d) Never run when you are against 2 or more people.

    1v1 -- work in progress
    1v1 is what I played the most in UT2k3 and 4. So, most of my experience comes from here. Dueling instinct will come with time, but much can be shortcut.

    1) Know your spawns. I can't stress this one enough. You can never keep control if you don't know whats going to happen after you get a kill.

    a) Remember any new locations you haven't seen someone spawn before if you see a new one.

    b) Remember where people spawn most, and what their most desirable item(s) is(are) immediately after that spawn.

    c) If you are unaware -- the spawn selection system in ut2k3/4 works something like this(simplified). The player is most likely to spawn furthest away from you(distance from your position to where they spawn). The player will never spawn line-of-sight to you if they are close by. The player will not spawn at the same exact point twice.

    d) Try and repeat "spawn traps". An example is DM-Antalus. If you kill a player at the flak cannon from the lightning gun hill, they will often respawn exactly where you killed them, and have no longrange hitscan weapons to defend themselves. This is an example of the exception to the "line of sight" rule, as they are a good distance away from you. If you notice this happening a lot on a level you play, try and repeat it. This may mean waiting for a shot to be in the right position, but a followup frag is well worth it.

    e) Since a player will not ALWAYS spawn at the furthest point, you should try and use the process of elimination to determine if the player has spawned nearby. This means making some assumptions. The assumptions you should make are: they will go for desirable weapons if no threat is known, they will go for armors if no threat is known. Even if they don't go for them, it is the assumption you must make.

    f) Know that your opponent is using these exact same techniques against you. Know that he MUST assume that you will go for desirable items and expect them to come barreling towards you through the closest hallway.

    2) Know your items.

    a) This should be no surprise to anyone who has played the game for a while, but nonetheless it should be said. You need to know where every important item is on the map, this includes all weapons, armors, healths, and sometimes important ammo.

    b) Learn where you can and cannot hear an opponent pick up an item. If you are not going to take an important item(100a, amp), know locations where you can hear your opponent take the item, yet not be open to attack.

    c) Notice when items are gone. You can often figure out the direction your opponent went when you werent present simply by looking at the trail of missing items.

    d) Remember where you were 27 seconds ago, and remember in what order you took the items. This helps you get a subconscious feel for when things will be spawning around you.

    e) If you are not trying to hide your position, take items even if you don't need them. This gives you extra info that will be mostly useless to your opponent should a fight ensue. For example, get in the habit of taking an item prior to a large item spawning if you are allowed to take one uncontested. However, don't be too transparent. For instance, don't take 4 vials on roughinery followed by the 100a. It may be in your best interest to instead take the 4 vials, wait 1 second, then take the 100a so that your opponent will have difficulty using your clues.

    3) Know the consequences
    Dying isn't the end of the world, and you should always keep this in mind when playing. If you are sure you can get a kill by dying twice, it may be worthwhile to do so. Don't just think about the kill, think about the overall score. A good estimate when in control is that you can probably make up ~1 kill per minute if you are very offensive. Depending on the player or situation, this may change.

    On the contrary, know that getting a kill does not mean you have control. You are the most vulnerable immediately after a fight, and the choice of whether or not to pursue your opponent for a spawn frag, or to bulk up on healthpacks should reflect how much of a chance you percieve there to be of a loss of control. I believe it is best to err to the side of agressiveness in the case of pursuing, since versus better players you are more likely to act more cautious than normal due to fear.

    As well, you need to know the consequence of running. If there is no chance of making it out alive, don't run. Just get the damage you can. Admit a loss early, not when its too late to get the best out of it. A pyrrhic victory is nothing to brag about, and those who do are ignored.

    4) Fake it.

    a) Leave an armor behind and rush at your opponent as if you have just taken it. If they see through your ruse, you have the shorter path back to the armor. If they don't you have completely screwed up their timing of the map, and can probably pick up a free armor next cycle.

    b) Screw up your timing if left uncontested. Leave an armor for 5 seconds, sync its spawn to something you can remember easily, or sync it to another item. However, in screwing up your timing, make sure you act as if you really had taken the item. Go out the hallway you were planning on, and double back if the enemy isn't present.

    c) Never show weakness when you are low on health. Even if your opponent KNOWS that you are at 10 health, they will be intimidated if you continue to assault them. This is even more effective if you are trying to 'fake' your health. The enemy may suspect you are low on health due to your previous behavior, and engage in bad fights.

    d) Be aware that certain actions scare an opponent into backing off. A shock combo from an unseen spot, even if it doesn't do damage, and even if you had no clue they were present, can really scare your opponent into acting differently. The same is true for hitscan weapons. Especially those that don't make noise. Let your opponent know that you know where he is, even if you cant do any damage.
    A good example of this tactic is a shock combo towards the LG from the rockets on dm-de-ironic. Just spam it -- even if they aren't there. It will make them think twice about it next time, which is a victory in itself.

    e) Know when you are outgunned, and then act like the opposite is true. If you can convince your opponent that you are a better shot, even when you aren't you have a huge edge in fights. And, vice versa, if you convince your opponent that you are a bad fighter, you hav a huge advantage. You are the matador, and they are the bull. Never forget that.

    To Be continued....

    EDIT: Courtesy of Lotus.

    Isn't that the guide Lotus wrote?

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      You should add the fact that this guide was NOT written by you.
      It was written by lotus so give him the credit's instead of claiming it yourself.


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              Nice one. See also:


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                Nice one. See also:
                What a noob lol (That writer not u).
                He thinks a good mouse sensetivity is 8!!!!! :haha: :haha:

                I use *1* lol


                  Originally posted by eddie_s
                  What a noob lol (That writer not u).
                  He thinks a good mouse sensetivity is 8!!!!!

                  I use *1* lol
                  0.45 here... I especially love his discussion of "super dodge" and how apparently the "old-school players" call boost-dodge a cheat. (I'm really wondering what this guy was smoking, and if he'd send me some.)

                  I can find no redeeming qualities to the Munkee Haus guide. Stick w/ the lotus one!!!


                    Originally posted by eddie_s
                    What a noob lol (That writer not u).
                    He thinks a good mouse sensetivity is 8!!!!! :haha: :haha:

                    I use *1* lol
                    You think that guy is a "noob" because he use a sensitivity of 8? I don't know if what you think really apply for the rest of his tutorial but I can sure tell you if you can aim really well with sensitivity of's better than anything lower since you don't have to move your hand as much as the lower sensitivity. My friend use a sensitivity of 4.5...and he aim really well with it.


                      thanks for the tips they really helped me!


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                        thanks for the tips they really helped me!
                        yay, a newbie progressing :up: :up:


                          Also posted here:

                          should be sticky'd :up: