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Busted back down to the rank of noob

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    Busted back down to the rank of noob

    I bought UT2k4 when it first came out, and played it a lot with my friends online, most of the time on ONS servers. For a lot of different reasons we lost interest, and went back to UT99.
    So here I am thinking of having another go with this game, but I've forgotten a lot of the finer details, and there's a lot of weird stuff going on that has never been resolved. Note that I have been keeping the game up to date; I have all the bonus packs installed, and it is patched with the latest update.

    First question: What the heck is it with these disappearing vehicles? I get to a node, jump out and activate it, power it up as much as I can with my link gun, and then I see that once again, the vehicle I have arrived in is gone. No one stole it, it wasn't destroyed by enemy fire, it's just gone. What is up with that?

    Second question: The unwanted console. I get this a lot. I hit any random key during a game, and the damned console comes down. This sure gets me fragged a lot, as I can't do anything until I can close the console again. Real handy in a firefight for the other guy, the unwanted console loves to come down just as I'm trying to dodge, or pickup the flag or whatever. Why hasn't this been fixed yet?

    Third question: I'm trying to learn the new veihicles for ONS in a practice game, but some damned bot always jumps in first. I then jump in and man the gun turret, but the bot can't or won't drive the machine anywhere useful. Isn't there a command I can give that makes me the driver, and the bot the gunner?

    Fourth question: Why are all the bots in practice games "Loque's"? I'm sick of being blown up by a bot in a tank that is just a freaking dot on the far, very far, distant horizon. I've dumbed them down to one level above "novice", to no avail. What the hell?

    1) the vehicle disappears with time.

    2) the console appears with ` or TAB, just bind them to other things

    3) in the "unwanted console", type killall bots. all bots will die and won't respawn. if you're the gunner, press 1 (over your Q or A ) and the bot will become a gunner and you, the driver

    4) try to keep dodging to go faster by foot, and, anyone can hit anything with a tank if the target isn't too high


      1.) Abandoned vehicles disappear after a while and respawn at their original location. When they are damaged alot, they will disappear even faster. This is by purpose, if the vehicles wouldn´t be reset to their original location, the enemy could steal all of them or you could get stuck during the match with most of your vehicles being scattered throughout the map.

      2.) I´d suggest to bind your console and teams say keys to buttons you cannot accidentally press during a fight (hence a bit away from your movement/weapon switch keys).

      3.) Alternatively to toniglandyl´s suggestion, start a match with 0 bots by default, the in the game open the console and type 'ADDBOTS [number]'.

      4.) You´ve got to live with sniping tanks if you´re playing Onslaught. Online play against human opponents isn´t much different, in fact it´s even harder than against bots sometimes.
      There are however quite a couple of good techniques to handle Goliaths, so they become less annoying once you learn how to deal with them.


        Thanks for the replies, that clears up 3 of my questions.

        However the unwanted console problem may or may not be solved by binding it to another key, although that is certainly worth a shot. The problem is that during a game I can hit a key, any key, on my keyboard to do something, and instead of activating team speak or moving or whatever it is I am trying to do, the console comes down instead. I've asked other people if they get this happening to them, and some of them do, but not as bad as I do. I've had it happen as many as 8 times in one match, and that is quite annoying when the action is intense.


          heh, sig=red green. Thats awesome man, made me disregard how annoyed for the other questions i was. You probably lost interest cus you only played ons, theres a whole world outthere, play VCTF, 4dtf/4tdm, vTDm, Play with mutators, play other gametypes. The unwatned console problem was a problem for me 2, now i have say bound to end, teamsay insert, and the console at tab/`. I never hit it in game anymore. The console coming down for no reason is wierd, try reinstalling i guess. Other than that i dunno what to tell you

          heh, red green


            Originally posted by Firebert
            made me disregard how annoyed for the other questions i was.

            heh, red green
            Well I was wondering if I would get flamed or not for asking questions that would sound as if I was just *****ing; but sometimes these little annoyances just pile up to the point that you want an answer badly enough to risk it.

            Glad you like the "Men's Prayer" from Red Green, eh.