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    In terms of shield-jumps, I play TDM and ONS primarily and with the exception of a few places for getting armor in TDM, I've not found them to be particularly useful in the end. TDM you usually are better off with more life than the extra speed, and ONS you've got vehicles and maps too big to get anywhere with shield jumping anyway. CTF is a completely different story - I hear they're quite useful there, I just don't play CTF. If you have an interest in shield-jumping and mastering that, I'd suggest finding good CTF players and asking them for advice with it. They'd be able to give more info than I can.

    Goo jumping, in my experience, does a lot of damage in comparison to what benefit it gives you, and in TDM it's suicidal to be doing it, in my opinion. (Off the top of my head, I can't think of an ONS map that has the biorifle, either.) I just don't think it's a useful thing for getting better at the game, and hence didn't really cover it.



      One more question...

      New player to the unreal world.

      Total play time is about an hour.

      How do I switch to 3rd person? I see this on movies, yet I can't find
      the key(s) to do it. I didn't see it in the manual.



        In the console ~ type "behindview 1" to go to 3rd person, "behindview 0" to go back to 1st person. They might be reversed... I can't remember. But it's those commands.


          using matrix model helps because it is harder to see with the game settings. So if you are playing on regular servers where people don't force characters and use utcomp, I recommend you use matrix model.


            I am not at home right now so I can't try it but doesn't F4 or another F key switch the view back and forth between first person and third person? Or is this only for vehicles and turrets?


              oic sundae. ya, in TDM it wouldn't be that usefull except to get armor in certain levels, and to reach some really neat spots. but in CTF, i've found shield jumps to be an invaluable tool. for example: playing on face classic makes it quite hard to capture a flag unless you have good support fomr your team (doesn't happen to often on public servers) due to the easy sniping. but if you use berserk, plus the shield gun, plus armor, then you can make it across the entire level in 2 jumps. it's unbelievable.

              goo jumps are...weird to say the least. if executed properly with good shield gun timing, then you can get just as much height as a shield jump but you take less than half the damage. but it's a tedious technique and probably requires way too much effor for competitive DM.


                ahhh... I saw someone do something very similar to what you're talking in about in Face Classic. I couldn't figure out how he did it. Thanks for the tip, I'm gonna give that a try. Never even thought about it.


                  Re: Buncha noob questions

                  I don't know if you got your answere or not but here goes...

                  Originally posted by NapalmDrop
                  Glad there's a forum like this so I don't have to post these questions elsewhere, but man I am getting fragged alot... haha Okay, granted I am out of touch, playing UT2003, but I need some help. First off, I am way too slow. Does it matter which skin I use and where are the stats for them? Some are obviously faster than others.
                  Something I've notice, speed can be an illusion. If a person changes up his moves a lot, and very fast(fast reflexes) this is seen as moving fast. For ex if a person goes foward, then strafes left, then wall jumps right doging shots blah blah blah, he looks like he's moving faster then the other people who are running in a strait line. Try working on getting fast reflexes. Also dodge jump like there's no tomorow. Not just left and right but foward and backwards too. Also one thing we used to do in UT99 where we had way cool foward flips when you dodge foward so that we could run and dodge foward(flip) without any pauses in motion we would run foward, strafe left or right, then dodge foward(in 2k3/2k4 dodge jump foward). This allows you to run foward and then dodge jump foward without any pauses.

                  Also, I have playing alot of servers where I can't jump more than about 4 times, but the other players are flying around way over my head -- how do they do this without cheating somehow? I have tried to figure it but can't. Also, I am terrible at dodging, so I get fragged. I mean I try to jump and then dodge or whatever, but I can't get away.
                  Sounds like speed to me. When you get 100 adrinalen(sp) press foward four times real fast to get speed. I may be wrong but I think thats it.

                  You pros have fun with me, but how do you move that fast and dodge that good? There's got to be an explanation for part of this at least. Plus this is with a vartiety of players so I know it's not just that room.

                  Any help will be appreciated!
                  Try practicing with hard bots(nothing lower then masterful), work your way up to godlike bots. This won't help you much with tactics because people are smarter then bots but it will help you with your movement.



                    must mention that again.. what lotus said (much) is very interesting



                      Hey I want to appreciate all of you who responded to this thread. Hopefully you realize I did do my homework - I googled every night and there was so much **** to sift through it was hard to get to the meaningful material, so I kept giving up and then playing more. I am better now, but I still can't find my stats on the unreal stats site. I have looked up my name but there are 3 other players with the same name I use but I'm not one of them because I have logged way more time than those 3. I still haven't been able to get an answer on this in another thread I started other than "look up yer name ya moron"... Haha Seriously thanks all you fraggers....


                        well, a lot of servers don't log stats. also, are you sure you have utstats enabled in your profile?



                          Yes, I checked all the obvious things. My stats WERE tracked very briefly. For awhile I couldn't bring the servers up thru UT so I had to use GameSpy. Since then I have uninstalled it. It would not let me use the name I was using in UT.


                            Make sure you have the shield gun readily available. So when you jump too high (elevator boosts...) you can use the shield gun to reduce your fall damage.