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How to enter gun turrets in Hellbender please

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    How to enter gun turrets in Hellbender please

    Dear all,

    I am just wondering if it is possible to choose which way you enter the HellBender vehicle in UT2004.

    With that vehicle you have the drivers seat which leaves you with no weapon to fire, the side turret and the rear turret.

    I just think it would be brilliant and pretty natural to be able to choose to run up to the empty vehicle and jump into the side turret for instance to start shooting an approaching enemy. Or if someone was driving to jump into either the side or rear turret depending on which key combo you used.

    the trouble is I dont know if that is possible or not and if it is which keys to use to make it happen.

    any pointers please.



    Just press the corresponding number key after you hop in. "2" is side I think, and "3" is rear or maybe vice versa I forget.

    Same goes with all vehicles.


      that is genius.

      thank you so much!




        You can use 1,2, etc.. for other vehicles as well. Levi, etc...


          use teh search button plz kthxbye


            well I did but didnt come up with anything. I can't have searched for the right things.



              Also, you can bind 3 keys that you're not using to the 'Key 2' config in Settings > Input > Configure Controls. It's like having 2 keys bound to 1 weapon (as long as the keys you're binding to Key 2 are not already bound).

              For example if you were to add 'B' to the Key 2 config of Shield Gun, 'R' to Assault Rifle and 'M' to Bio-Rifle, those same keys would work in the Hellbender (and all passenger vehicles)

              I think you have to leave the binds for those weapons at default (1:Shield Gun, 2:Assault Rifle and 3:Bio) for this to work. Hellbender:

              Shield Gun/Driver
              Assault Rifle/Side Turret
              Bio/Mine Layer = Rear Turret

              I hope this picture helps illustrate what i'm babbling on about:bulb: