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Getting kicked when server busy

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    Getting kicked when server busy

    Guys I don't know if there is some ruling so am just checking.

    When I am on a server which is busy if I tend to get a message at the end of match saying 'connection lost' when I reconnect it says the server is full (which it is).

    Now typically this happens if I came last in LMS, so does the server know I came last and is giving someone else a crack at the game or is there a reason why I always lose the connection?

    Also I have been playing for around four months now and my best ever score was a fluky 9, typically 3, what the hell do I need to do to get good!

    hey Garysnaim,
    howzit going...longtime no see....
    you change your username???....i may have removed it by accident anyway....could i have it again....
    I will gladly help you out as much as i can....
    You should also get xfire....great app for finding buddies who are gaming (supports multiple games)

    see my signature for my new info....
    also, our teamspeak server has changed so i can e-mail you the new info if you want it.... just pm me your e-mail address

    Not sure why you get the connection problems..
    1. what type of connection do you have?
    2. it may be that while you are trying to connect on an already full server, that you are a part of, there may be someone else connecting and they just get in before you when the level, maps change etc....


      were you originally spectating a match, then tried to join? cause if that is the case you would need to re-join each ,match. bets way is to disconnect and then re-connect to the server.


        It could be either that you are having to d/l the maps therefore the peeps with the maps already d/l would connect sooner.(or maybe you just taking a little bit longer to load the map due to various reasons)
        Or even if it is a clan server sometimes admins will kick players if their members cannot get in the server so thats another possibility! most likely to be the 1st one.



          Hi, yea I have all the maps downloaded.

          What specifically happens is I am playing in a game, then I die so have to wait to the end, then it starts to load the next map, comes up with the map loading screen then says the connection was lost, as soon as I click reconnect it says the server is now full.

          I was just wondering why the other 11 players get through (+one new one who replaces me) and I don't

          I have an excellent ping, and when its not too busy I have no troubles.


            how long does it take to load btw?
            maybe try turning precaching player skins off to load a little quicker, how much ram do you have?