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reloading maps

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    reloading maps

    Just a view noob questions in order of importance:

    - Why are my downloaded maps (after entering a server) redowloading after 4 weeks or so? My HD is big enough, cant I make the maps staying? its really iritating im getting in a game and there are already 2-3 flag caps made!!!

    - What is a midgame client check? and why does my screen freezes for a sec or 2

    - CTF instagib really rocks....any change for a good (mod) or game with VCTF-instagib with insta and vehicles balanced? so u don't have to shoot a tank 100x? Anyone knows a server with this on?


    oops, this porrfs im a noob, just found a link on this forum for the map reloading..

    ....but my other 2 questions stay


      Midgame client check is a function of the anti-cheat mutator antiTCC 1.18. Helps stop "set" commands & aimbots on servers.

      There are iVCTF servers out there, under your internet tab, select vctf and look for servers with the little skull against them in the left hand columb