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MY UT2K4 test movie

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    MY UT2K4 test movie

    if you'd like to see this one i was messin with it is...
    the quality is not too seems better than fraps if ya ask me...
    took me about a half day to's nothing too was more of a quality check to see how well it would look at full screen compared to usin Fraps..i haven't added any special effects to it so it's just a fun little movie i did for 2 ladies in our clan ...the game footage was compressed a bunch so it may look alittle crappy...That will be fixed in the movies down the road..Enjoy

    Hey all"}DA{CRaZyHORSE" here...
    This is for }DA{ IceWarrior and }DA{Cixxen...
    you need the Divx 5.05 codec to watch this..also in windows media you can go full screen with this one...also the download is alittle big..i just found out how to group screenys to a movie in 2k4 so it'll take some research to get the right enjoy

    Here is the setup...

    In times of battle some women warriors would take thier place above the battlefields in a place of thier choosing to settle thier diffrences in thier own way..
    Exchanging blows back and forth in waves of damaging movments that could be felt on the battlefield below..
    Sometimes the blows would be so powerful they could be felt planets away...
    Thier thunderess explosions shook the worlds With such a force that they were knicknamed The Volcano Girls..
    Enjoy going fullscreen and turn it up as loud as you can stand it while they throw the stage back and forth as the war goes on below them