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    Originally posted by Gez
    not really...just need practise and sensitivity set to atleat 6
    I think mine's at 2.75 or 1.75. Can't rememer right now but the lower the sensitivity the more accurate you are at the expense of not allways being able to do quick 180s. I lowered mine just to play around, but when I saw the quick improvement in my aim I left it low.


      hmm ok, my sensitivity is currently set to 8 and im quiet used to it...anything below 5 is to slow for me


        i have a logitec mx500
        i set mine to either 1.25 or 1.45 depending on my will get used to using it that low...after awhile 2.00 will seem way too fast :haha:

        if any of you want to check out our server for LGI 135/35 the ip is
        }DA{ 2 LGI CTF
        or just put the }DA{ tag in your buddys list...Everynight we have some really heavy intense games goin on..if you can't connect ..chances are we are in practice at that time...Enjoy..there are some nasty shots in there


          And i thought instagib was a girls only event!! :up: (sorry!):cry: but, just played a game (good) and had to download a load of files , nothing new, but when i tried to play normal ctf i found that some of the new files stopped me from connecting! IT HAS BEEN SORTED AFTER DELETING THESES BAD FILES!:heart: