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any simple "uz2" decompressor???

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    any simple "uz2" decompressor???

    plzzz guys i'm really lost .. can anyone plzz give any simple uz2 maps decompressor..!!!


    Find it in your system directory. If you meant you were after something else then, er, I dunno...!


      he means a converter to extract the uz2 files into normal files, such as utx. uax etc.

      get the cache extractor here


        Or you can try this's "fool-proof" one button does all the work!

        I knw t says UT2003, but it works on UT2004 just fine!



          You can make a new option available when right clicking a uz2 file. Start notepad and paste this :

          Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
          @="UT2004 compressed file"
          @="X:\\...\\UT2004\\System\\UCC.exe decompress %1"
          Next replace X:\\...\\UT2004\\ with your game folder and save the file as uz2.reg (or anything you like).
          Now double click the new reg file and accept it. Everytime you get a uz2 file you can just right click it and choose decompress. A new uncompressed file will be made at the same folder you right clicked the uz2. You can delete the original uz2 file


            ohh guys i'm really thankful for ur replies really really thankful specially "Abilio Kid" such a briliant thing !!

            well "Abilio Kid" i did exactly what u said and i mean exactly!! but i had a message saying that : "The file doesn't have a program associated with it for performing this action. Creat an association in the folder options control panel"

            hehe i couldn't understand but could it be that there is a problem with my ucc.exe file?? .. i hope you would help on this..!

            and thanks all really really really thankful


              Tell me your game folder (C:\UT2004 for example) and I'll send ya the reg file. You should be able to use it then. If not then I can make a small script that will do it for you.


                UT2k4Mi is the best program for this kind of thing.
                it can uncompress uz2. and convert cache files, install custom maps ,etc.



                  well abilio kid this is my directory folder u asked for (D:\!D-ProgramFiles\UT2004)

                  and giger i tried the program and it has the same problem as before ..

                  hmm i'm pretty sure there is a problem with my ucc.exe file .. trust me i'm a noob but would it solve the problem if i replace my ucc.exe file with another one..!!

                  thanks folks


                    What a weird folder name:weird:. Are you sure it has a ! in the name? Anyway, here's the ready reg file for you:

                    Click me

                    If it doesn't work then add me to your MSN list and I'll explain it to you.