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Hm... $50 bucks down the drain...

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    Hm... $50 bucks down the drain...

    I suck.

    And I know it's me.

    See, I'm used to playing stealthy games online like America's Army.

    I bought UT:2004 because of all the people going:


    Now, it is a pretty sweet game, I can't get any better.

    "Practice, practice..."

    Yes, yes, I know, but I think UT is just, well, too fast for me.

    (Plus, it might be my dial-up... I get horrendous bullet lag)

    So, yea, I'm actually gonna go on right now and see if I can make any sense of it...

    well, dialup explains quite a lot....what kind of ping do you get when playing online?
    Just keep at will notice the game pace become easier for you to handle...after going away for a month, i found the game really fast paced but after a couple hours of gaming it seemed fine...i think your eyes and reactions just need some adjusting ....
    what game name do you use?
    i will add you to my buddy list and come see how i can help you out sometime


      if you want a stealthy game you could try Red Orchestra it's preety good but wqould take a long while to download on 56k

      If you just want to get used to playing this way basicly just keep at it, never stop moving, dodge alor (double tap in a direction) use double jumps and such (jump at the apex of a jump/dodge) Jut keep at it, you'l get used to it.


        Originally posted by jqvander
        well, dialup explains quite a lot....

        IMO - it explains everything! i had a crappy DSL connection (had to play on a lot of 130-ish ping servers, can't imagine playing on dial-up) and started to get frustrated that i wasn't improving... had a major upgrade and now ping about 30ms on many servers. definite step improvement in my skill! now i finally feel comfortable saying i've improved from below average to average!


          Deathmath and many of the sports games are very fast.

          Like was said above, try Red Orchestra. You also might want to look into SAS (my personal favorite mod of this genre).

          A better connection makes all the difference in the world. That may be out of your reach right now but when it happens you will be happier. In the mean time, try some of the other mods, you may like them.

          Here's another: Air Buccaneers! A great mod not like any other.




              Dont dismiss the game so fast man. It Rocks with a capital 'R'
              I played on dial up for two months and I died and died and died. And I loved it still. I bought broadband specifically to play this game and now I love it even more - I've never had so much fun being rubbish at something!

              Search for servers that give you the best ping you can find and play in those until you get into the game. Its hard to play on dial up but not impossible. When I switched to broadband I was so used to playing at a disadvantage with a high ping, that I found I was loads better than I thought.

              So in conclusion - I would get a faster connection (surely its not that more expensive, especially if you're a gamer). And play the game until you realise just how good it is.

              Well thats my 2 cents as they say.


                hey jqvander add Skitzoid to your buddy list and come help me get better too . It just takes some time to get use to the fast paced action as well, ive only played for couple weeks and i still lose some people sometimes they are able to get behind me without me seeing how they did it lol.


                  The gameplay is fast, but you get used to it. If your going back and forth between games, it's a little harder to do so. Like playing D3 and then getting into UT is quite an alteration in movement/play speed.

                  If you had a faster connection, and it was more fair gameplay for you, I know you'll be hooked.

                  Along with what the others offered up, learn to BIND keys. For instance I practicly hop everywhere, and also side to side. So I made a forward BINDED key that jumps right, jumps left, etc.. going forward. Things like this make motion faster. Some say it's unfair to do that, but when your not the best, and I'm surely not, you need any advantage you can get....and don't think the pros don't do the same.


                    Originally posted by Friendlyfire
                    hey jqvander add Skitzoid to your buddy list and come help me get better too . It just takes some time to get use to the fast paced action as well, ive only played for couple weeks and i still lose some people sometimes they are able to get behind me without me seeing how they did it lol.
                    sure thing...will add it the next time i play...where are you located btw...hopefully we can both get reasonable pings..


                      im in central u.s. Kansas to be more specific. dont know how much help i need but i sure could use practice and tips. I tried to sign up to jakesters sight, so i could get in on some training but when i did sign up it never sent me an email so i could complete the registration. So not sure whats up with that.


                        i am in canada so the timezone thing should work ok....i am at Mountain std time which i believe is one hour behind you have a mic/ headset so we can chat...
                        it makes giving tips etc far easier (we could just both connect to teamspeak).....check my sig for my game name


                          you two should get xfire.

                          its an instant messanger for gamers. lets you see whos online, where they're playing, and with a simple right-click you can join them.

                          add me too!
                          see my signature for my ingame and xfire names.

                          i love helping new people. do you guys just play deathmatch? i find it helpful for new people to play ctf and ons where the focus isnt mainly on killing your opponent.

                          and i have a teamspeak server we could use... although i'll warn you right now. the guy with dialup is going to have severe connection issues with teamspeak and ut running.


                            xfire is really cool...i haven't had a chance to try it yet but it seems like it is a very helpful program, especially if you play more than one gametype...
                            I usually just play ut2k4, so i just use the buddy list for now....
                            is there any advantage between using xfire or just the buddy list (if you are both only playing ut2k4 for example)...didn't really seem like it to me that's why i haven't tried it yet...
                            i think it is best if you "multigame"

                            EDIT: Hey Friendlyfire....saw you online in that inv server should have come and joined me for an ONS was great gaming skills were really off last night but still had a great time...
                            we could also play some DM sometime if you like...just give me a shout if you see me online and we can get something going
                            if you need our Teamspeak server info, pm or e-mail me and i will give it to you


                              hey steelpeel ya i have a mic. I seen ya on invasion i heard ya say you had to go afk or something for sec and brb but i didnt ever see ya after that, i didnt know you went to ons. I havent gotten into ons really at all ive only tried it a couple times. Ive been playing invasion a lot lately. I also like to play deathmatches and ctf although im not very good at ctf, cause everytime soon as i get the flag boom im dead cuase i have 5 people on top of me shooting me lol. So it seems like in ctf i resort to sniping a lot which im really good at taking other snipers out. As for deathmatches i like to as well im normally somewhere in the middle but it seems like maybe i put myself into bad situations but im really not sure what to do. Ya if you see me on just jump on and say hey and all and ask me to go to another arena if you like ill probably go unless im on with wastedshot or preach couple rl friends. Cause i dont know maybe its just now i need practice practice practice cause i think i might have all the basics down and all but i really need someone who has experience see if i do and also point me in the right direction on how to get better . One thing ive been really working on is side dodge and jumping afterwards, getting a bit better but seems like my timing on hitting jump is either too soon or too late if i wait a lot of times. Although if i jump at a wall tap side to dodge off wall then jump after that seems like i hit that almost everytime so i dont know why. Another question in my configure controls if i adjust my dodge time thing its i think set at .35 right now originally it was at .25 setting it higher gives me more time to hit that second tap or another jump on the dodge? or setting it lower does? As well if i set it lower will i beable jump in a dodge quicker ? I mean like can i push the jump button quicker during the dodge if it is set lower?